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Journey to the mystery planet: why Uranus is the new target for space exploration
The last time a probe visited the distant ice giant was in 1986, yet learning more about this cold world could tell us a lot about the galaxy

Robin McKie

16, Jul, 2022 @3:00 PM

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'Breakneck speed' mini moon hurtles around Neptune at 20,000mph
Astronomers confirm orbit of tiny moon Hippocamp via multiple images from Hubble

Ian Sample Science editor

20, Feb, 2019 @7:02 PM

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Oswald Mosley, the unpopular populist | Brief letters
Brief letters: Mosley in Manchester | David Edgar’s acting | LGBTQ sandwiches | Clinton called out in 1989 | Rainbow memories | Planet mnemonic


01, Mar, 2018 @6:09 PM

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Scientists discover ring around dwarf planet Haumea beyond Neptune
Rugby ball-shaped dwarf planet with two moons also has a ring around it and orbits in the outer solar system

Katharina Kropshofer

11, Oct, 2017 @5:00 PM

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Astro-bling: scientists recreate 'diamond rain' of Neptune and Uranus
Using lasers and polystyrene, researchers say they have mimicked the high temperatures and pressures thought to cause diamond rain within ice giants

Nicola Davis

21, Aug, 2017 @4:31 PM

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Neptune – the wildest weather in the solar system
Weatherwatch A new study shows that Neptune’s exotic clouds and violent storms are driven by a combination of cosmic rays and sunlight

Kate Ravilious

21, Aug, 2016 @8:30 PM

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A spacewalk selfie, the Giant Squid Nebula and an origami solar array – in pictures
This month’s roundup of the best space-related imagery in the known universe includes a dramatic solar flare, a cosmonaut’s selfie and an improbable marriage between technology and the ancient Japanese art of paper-folding

Eric Hilaire, James Kingsland

29, Sep, 2014 @11:27 AM

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Spacewatch: The Titius-Bode Law

Alan Pickup says Jupiter's powerful gravity has never allowed debris to coalesce into a single object

Alan Pickup

14, Sep, 2012 @9:30 PM

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Neptune's first orbit: a turning point in astronomy

As Neptune nears a historic orbit around the Sun, Robin McKie recalls the dramatic story of how the icy world was discovered

Robin McKie

09, Jul, 2011 @11:06 PM

Revealed: how Britain put the spin on Neptune
Long-hidden documents expose how the 19th-century scientific elite cheated the French to win credit for discovering the planet.

Robin McKie, science editor

12, Dec, 2004 @1:11 AM

Nuclear space explorer to solve riddles of Neptune

US mission may cast light on birth of solar system.

Tim Radford, science editor

10, Dec, 2004 @2:36 AM

Multiple moons for Neptune

Neptune, the eighth planet from the sun, has just acquired five more moons.

19, Aug, 2004 @10:57 PM

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