International Space Station

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Space race 2.0: why Europe is joining the new dash to the moon
The European Space Agency’s plan to build a cargo vessel that can convert to a crew ship is one giant step in its ambitions to compete with rival lunar exploration programmes

Stuart Clark

26, Nov, 2023 @1:00 PM

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UK to build new satellite to monitor climate crisis and natural disasters
The pathfinder craft, co-funded by £3m from the UK Space Agency, will provide data to help detect and monitor natural disasters

Tom Ambrose

21, Nov, 2023 @12:01 AM

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Lost in space: astronaut’s toolbag orbits Earth after escaping during spacewalk
Toolbag not the first item to float into the abyss, after a spatula, a glove and multiple other toolbags

Diana Ramirez-Simon

12, Nov, 2023 @12:37 AM

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‘It only makes the news when the toilets stop working’: has the 25-year-old International Space Station been a waste of space?
The ISS is destined to be sent spiralling into the Pacific Ocean in 2031, yet the controversy over the £120bn behemoth continues

Robin McKie Science editor

29, Oct, 2023 @3:00 PM

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Tim Peake to quit retirement to lead UK’s first astronaut mission
British astronaut last flew to International Space Station in 2015 as European Space Agency astronaut

Tobi Thomas

25, Oct, 2023 @8:23 AM

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First cat in space: how a Parisian stray called Félicette was blasted far from Earth
Monkeys and dogs were usually used to test whether humans could survive outside Earth’s atmosphere – but 60 years ago the French tried something a little different

Robin McKie

09, Sep, 2023 @2:23 PM

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Four astronauts from International Space Station splash down to Earth
Members of mission run by Nasa and SpaceX parachute in capsule off coast of Florida after spending six months at ISS

Coral Murphy Marcos and agencies

04, Sep, 2023 @2:12 PM

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‘A big responsibility’: astronaut from UAE on longest ever Arab space mission
Sultan al-Neyadi has taken images of Middle East and Gulf from ISS while on six-month record-breaking mission

Oliver Holmes

01, Sep, 2023 @11:09 AM

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‘It’s like doing an Arctic expedition with German scientists in 1943’: life on the International Space Station at a time of war
On the ISS, astronauts from Russia and the west share a craft the size of a large family home. So what happened when Moscow started a conflict 250 miles below on Earth?

Stephen Walker

26, Aug, 2023 @10:00 AM

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India’s south pole moon landing is big business for global space race
India has raised its spacefaring profile and will now be seen as low-cost provider for missions possible

Ian Sample Science editor

23, Aug, 2023 @3:52 PM

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Nasa briefly loses contact with ISS after power outage and relies on backup systems for first time
Loss of communications with International Space Station forced Nasa to rely on Russian systems instead

Staff and agencies

26, Jul, 2023 @12:34 AM

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Mystery solved after strange lights spotted over California night sky
Astronomer says unusual sighting 99.9% certain to be due to burning space debris from International Space Station

Matthew Cantor and agencies

20, Mar, 2023 @9:15 PM

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