International Space Station

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New bacteria lurking on ISS no space oddity, says scientist
New species were discovered in the International Space Station – but they probably didn’t come from outer space

Linda Geddes

18, Mar, 2021 @9:09 PM

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'We experienced the pandemic on Earth and they were experiencing it in orbit'
Film-makers Alina Manolache and Vladimir Potop on how they made the Guardian documentary 2020: A Covid Space Odyssey

Lindsay Poulton and Jess Gormley

29, Dec, 2020 @12:00 PM

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Spacewatch: SpaceX Dragon resupply craft delivers cargo to ISS
New airlock and scientific experiments among cargo delivered to International Space Station

Stuart Clark

11, Dec, 2020 @6:00 AM

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SpaceX Dragon capsule docks with the International Space Station
Three Americans and one Japanese astronaut on Nasa mission will remain at orbiting lab until their replacements arrive in April

Guardian staff and agencies

17, Nov, 2020 @2:49 PM

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Four astronauts on way to International Space Station – as it happened
This blog is now closed. You can read our story on the SpaceX NASA launch below:

Helen Sullivan

16, Nov, 2020 @5:46 AM

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Twenty years of the International Space Station – but was it worth it?
Has the ISS benefited society? Scientists are divided: for some, it’s a beacon of unity; for others, just a set for an action film

Robin McKie

25, Oct, 2020 @6:49 AM

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Astronaut Tim Peake: ‘Coming home was a harsh transition. Gravity sucks!’
Four years after leaving orbit, and with a second mission on the horizon, how is life on Earth for the first Briton to walk in space?

Tom Lamont

03, Oct, 2020 @6:00 AM

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Top 10 books about space travel | Samantha Cristoforetti
The Italian astronaut chooses her favourite extraterrestrial reading, taking in fiction by Italo Calvino and Stanisław Lem alongside reportage and history

Samantha Cristoforetti

02, Sep, 2020 @12:00 PM

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'From the mundane to the sublime in a second': Samantha Cristoforetti on life in space
Her 200 days in orbit turned the first Italian woman in space into a celebrity – and the model for a Barbie doll. Back on Earth, she says, it was hard to find authentic relationships

Ellie Violet Bramley

25, Aug, 2020 @1:53 PM

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Nasa finalises deal for design of lunar Gateway crew cabin
Northrop Grumman subsidiary awarded $187m contract for habitation and logistics outpost

Stuart Clark

11, Jun, 2020 @8:30 PM

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Elon Musk's Crew Dragon puts America back in the space race
The launch of the billionaire’s vessel will be the first crewed US flight since shuttle missions were shut down nine years ago

Robin McKie

24, May, 2020 @7:33 AM

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Life, but not as they knew it: ISS crew return to Earth transformed by Covid-19
American and Russian crew touch down in Kazakhstan after months on International Space Station

Shaun Walker

17, Apr, 2020 @10:52 AM

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