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UK farming causes over a quarter of cities’ particle pollution, study finds
Innovation in agricultural sector is needed if cities are to solve air pollution problems, say scientists

Gary Fuller

24, Mar, 2023 @6:00 AM

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Alison McCleery obituary
Other lives: Professor of economic and cultural geography at Edinburgh Napier University

Alistair McCleery

22, Mar, 2023 @2:19 PM

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Terrawatch: why has the Earth’s spinning inner core slowed down?
The solid inner core is contained within the liquid outer core, enabling it to rotate differently from the Earth itself

Kate Ravilious

22, Feb, 2023 @6:00 AM

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Signs of the times: Ordnance Survey to consult on new map symbols
Mapmaker suggests symbols could be added for bike repair shops, dog waste bins or river access points

Emine Sinmaz

12, Feb, 2023 @6:12 PM

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Rob Trueblood obituary
Other lives: Geography teacher and trade unionist who spent much of his spare time on local community campaigns

Chris Trueblood

23, Jan, 2023 @6:29 PM

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Next stop, Twatt! My tour of Britain’s fantastically filthy placenames
The UK is full of extremely rude-sounding towns and villages. But what’s it like to live in them? Some locals can’t wait to change the names, while others embrace the quirk – even selling signpost souvenirs

Tom Lamont

21, Jan, 2023 @10:00 AM

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Dick Knowles obituary
Other lives: Geography lecturer whose tidy mind was the inspiration for a series of key cards used by students to revise for their exams

Anita Knowles

15, Jan, 2023 @11:43 AM

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Are we really prisoners of geography?
The long read: A wave of bestselling authors claim that global affairs are still ultimately governed by the immutable facts of geography – mountains, oceans, rivers, resources. But the world has changed more than they realise

Daniel Immerwahr

10, Nov, 2022 @6:00 AM

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How geography GCSE weathered storm of curriculum changes
Far from lacking skills, employers actively seek geography graduates for their wider view of the world

Paul Brown

02, Sep, 2022 @5:00 AM

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Oh my days! Midnight comes a fraction sooner as Earth spins faster
Analysis: Reflecting a recent trend, 29 June was the shortest day on our planet since the 1960s. What’s going on?

Ian Sample Science editor

01, Aug, 2022 @1:54 PM

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Suzanne Daveau review – intimate, sparkling portrait of an astonishing career
The vibrant 97-year-old geographer sparkles as she discusses love, life and her groundbreaking research

Phuong Le

01, Aug, 2022 @10:00 AM

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Readers reply: what happens to the soil under heavily concreted environments?
The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from trivial flights of fancy to profound scientific and philosophical concepts

03, Apr, 2022 @1:00 PM

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