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Mediterranean diet ‘can reduce heart attacks in people at higher risk’
First study of its kind finds diet can benefit hundreds of millions with obesity, diabetes or other risk factors

Andrew Gregory Health editor

29, Mar, 2023 @10:30 PM

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No, you don’t have to poo every day: eight things nutrition experts want you to know
Bowels, bacteria, brain power … gastro specialists share their wisdom in bitesize form

As told to Elle Hunt

20, Mar, 2023 @1:00 PM

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Know your onions! The definitive and surprising guide to organising your fridge
The UK food authority has changed its advice on refrigerating potatoes – and that isn’t the only food whose storage you might want to reconsider

Dale Berning Sawa

13, Mar, 2023 @10:00 AM

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‘Too much’ nitrite-cured meat brings clear risk of cancer, say scientists
Call for UK government ban of chemical in processed meat such as bacon and ham after mice tumours study

David Batty

27, Dec, 2022 @7:36 PM

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Replace animal farms with micro-organism tanks, say campaigners
Advocates of plant-based protein say 75% of world’s farmland should be rewilded to reduce emissions

Helena Horton Environment reporter

12, Nov, 2022 @4:00 AM

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Fast food fever: how ultra-processed meals are unhealthier than you think
UPFs form 50% of Britons’ calorie intake. Now food scientists are learning more about what makes them so damaging

Andrew Anthony

16, Oct, 2022 @8:00 AM

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Jaw-dropping news! Eating with your mouth open makes food taste better
Researchers suggest this habit actually makes for a more enjoyable meal – so it could be time to rethink your manners

25, Jul, 2022 @1:07 PM

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Animals farmed: microplastics in meat, ‘cruel’ Parma ham and jet-set salmon
Welcome to our monthly roundup of the biggest issues in farming and food production, with must-read reports from around the web

Tom Ambrose

12, Jul, 2022 @9:30 AM

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Go fish: Danish scientists work on fungi-based seafood substitute
Team call in Michelin-starred chefs to help crack challenge of mimicking texture of seafood

Rachel Hall

24, Jun, 2022 @3:27 PM

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European fruit with traces of most toxic pesticides ‘up 53% in nine years’
Analysis of nearly 100,000 samples found residues in a third of apples and half of blackberries

Arthur Neslen

24, May, 2022 @5:00 AM

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How to trick your brain into better eating habits
Ditching the cutlery, scoffing a big first bite and discussing the carrots can help rewire our brains and make us more mindful of our meals

Clare Finney

17, May, 2022 @12:00 PM

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Number crunching: why ultra-processed foods have a calorie problem
How we process a calorie depends on genetics, hormones and the food it’s in. The trouble is that 50% of our calories come from ultra-processed foods – everything from biscuits to hummus

Rebecca Seal

17, May, 2022 @6:00 AM

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