Daniel Dennett

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Neuroscientist Anil Seth: ‘We risk not understanding the central mystery of life’
The professor of cognitive and computational neuroscience discusses his work to develop a scientific explanation for how the brain conjures consciousness

Tim Adams

21, Aug, 2021 @4:00 PM

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Sam Harris, the new atheist with a spiritual side
The neuroscientist – and longtime exponent of meditation – talks about his new app and why he is definitely not an Islamophobe

Andrew Anthony

16, Feb, 2019 @3:00 PM

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The Four Horsemen review - whatever happened to ‘New Atheism’?
Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennett, Harris ... were the apostles of atheism as fearless as they thought?

Steven Poole

31, Jan, 2019 @7:30 AM

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Books to get inside your head: Tim Parks picks the smartest books about the brain
Is consciousness internal, readable, even uploadable? Does it exist in the external world? Here are some mind-bending reads that have the answers

Tim Parks

09, Jul, 2018 @5:30 AM

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Top 10 books about consciousness
From octupuses that might be thinking with their arms to early humans’ blind obedience to gods, these are some of the best guides to the deep enigma inside ordinary life

Adrian Owen

20, Sep, 2017 @11:55 AM

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From Bacteria to Bach and Back: The Evolution of Minds by Daniel C Dennett review – memes of making you think
The philosopher’s latest magnum opus is a thrilling distillation of all he holds to be true

Tim Adams

06, Mar, 2017 @9:00 AM

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Daniel Dennett: ‘I begrudge every hour I have to spend worrying about politics’
Truth has long been a key concern for the American philosopher. He’s in the UK to discuss his latest book on consciousness, but there’s just no escaping Trump…

Carole Cadwalladr

12, Feb, 2017 @9:00 AM

Do the New Atheists have any new ideas? - five-minute video debate

Andrew Brown challenges Daniel Dennett to convince him that the New Atheists have the arguments to back up their rhetoric

Andrew Brown and Daniel Dennett

08, Jul, 2013 @9:30 AM

Science Weekly podcast: Daniel Dennett's tools for thinking

Daniel Dennett discusses his new book Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking, and Vivienne Parry previews the Cheltenham Science Festival

Presented by Alok Jha and produced by Jason Phipps with Robin McKie and Vivienne Parry

02, Jun, 2013 @11:05 PM

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Daniel Dennett: 'You can make Aristotle look like a flaming idiot'

Daniel Dennett, a cheerleader for Darwin and atheism, attracts fierce criticism for his views on free will. He tells Julian Baggini about his new book and explains why philosophers have to walk a tightrope

Julian Baggini

22, May, 2013 @3:30 PM

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Daniel Dennett: 'I don't like theory of mind' – interview
American philosopher Daniel Dennett talks to Carole Jahme about faith, science, empathy – and Short Circuit

Carole Jahme

22, Mar, 2013 @4:23 PM

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Unapologetic: Why, Despite Everything, Christianity Can Still Make Surprising Emotional Sense by Francis Spufford – review

Richard Holloway commends a dispatch from the frontline of religion v atheism

Richard Holloway

14, Sep, 2012 @7:00 AM

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