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Rev Richard Coles and Richard Dawkins dine across the divide: ‘The problem is he’s not swayed by evidence but by feeling’
In our celebrity Dining across the divide special, the cleric meets the atheist biologist. Can they find any understanding on the value of faith?

Sam Wollaston

31, Jul, 2022 @8:00 AM

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Richard Dawkins loses ‘humanist of the year’ title over trans comments
American Humanist Association criticises academic for comments about identity using ‘the guise of scientific discourse’, and withdraws its 1996 honour

Alison Flood

20, Apr, 2021 @12:56 PM

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The Guardian view on 'post-Christian' Britain: a spiritual enigma | Editorial
Editorial: The majority of us do not belong to any religion. But for most, atheism is not an option either


28, Mar, 2021 @5:30 PM

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Sam Harris, the new atheist with a spiritual side
The neuroscientist – and longtime exponent of meditation – talks about his new app and why he is definitely not an Islamophobe

Andrew Anthony

16, Feb, 2019 @3:00 PM

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The Four Horsemen review - whatever happened to ‘New Atheism’?
Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennett, Harris ... were the apostles of atheism as fearless as they thought?

Steven Poole

31, Jan, 2019 @7:30 AM

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May I have a word… about marketing speak | Jonathan Bouquet
Partnerings and outcries stalk the land. Be afraid, be very afraid…

Jonathan Bouquet

22, Jul, 2018 @5:00 AM

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Richard Dawkins wants to move to New Zealand to get away from Brexit 'madness'
Scientist says half the population of Britain and US would prefer a country ‘where intellect might be appreciated’

Eleanor Ainge Roy in Dunedin

10, May, 2018 @2:40 AM

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Richard Dawkins to give away copies of The God Delusion in Islamic countries
Author and the Centre for Inquiry planning free ebook versions of his books in Arabic, Urdu, Farsi and Indonesian following a ‘stirring towards atheism’ in some Islamic countries

Alison Flood

20, Mar, 2018 @12:19 PM

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How long can we treat the suffering of animals as an inconvenient truth? | Michael Brooks
A revolution is coming in our relationship with ‘lower’ creatures, provoked by a greater knowledge of their cognition. Labour’s new plans for animal welfare are just a start

Michael Brooks

18, Feb, 2018 @12:02 AM

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Jeremy Taylor obituary
Other lives: Television producer and science writer who produced two popular books on evolution

Barbara Flynn Taylor

17, Oct, 2017 @11:05 AM

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Whether or not to disestablish the Church of England | Letters
Letters: David Redshaw warns against following the US example, Fr Alec Mitchell intends to transfer to the Church in Wales, and John Boaler says Britain is increasingly secular


08, Sep, 2017 @5:25 PM

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Richard Dawkins event cancelled over his 'abusive speech against Islam'
Berkeley’s KPFA Radio cancels appearance by evolutionary biologist after learning of his ‘hurtful speech’ against the religion – a charge the author contests

Alison Flood

24, Jul, 2017 @11:06 AM

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