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Grandmothers may be more connected to grandchildren than to own offspring
Study of women’s brain function finds more empathy activation when looking at pictures of grandchildren

Linda Geddes Science correspondent

17, Nov, 2021 @12:01 AM

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Try, try and try again: why did modern humans take so long to settle in Europe?
Homo sapiens migrated to the continent in waves – but the reasons for their early failures to overcome Neanderthals are a mystery

Robin McKie Science editor

14, Nov, 2021 @8:30 AM

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Human species who lived 500,000 years ago named as Homo bodoensis
Species was direct ancestor of early humans in Africa and discovery has led to reassessment of epoch

Nadeem Badshah

28, Oct, 2021 @7:06 PM

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The Dawn of Everything by David Graeber and David Wengrow review – inequality is not the price of civilisation
An archaeologist and an anthropologist dismantle received wisdom about the way early societies operated

David Priestland

23, Oct, 2021 @6:30 AM

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The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity by David Graeber and David Wengrow review – have we got our ancestors wrong?
This imaginative attempt to reconfigure humanity’s roots contends that early people were free to shape their own lives

Andrew Anthony

18, Oct, 2021 @8:00 AM

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Capsule of 1765 air reveals ancient histories hidden under Antarctic ice
Polar Zero exhibition in Glasgow features sculpture encasing air extracted from start of Industrial Revolution

Libby Brooks Scotland corrrespondent

10, Oct, 2021 @1:24 PM

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Mismatch of mindsets: why the Taliban won in Afghanistan
Experts say the west tried to impose its alien values and it is time to try a new approach, as Joe Biden has indicated

Laura Spinney

24, Sep, 2021 @11:45 AM

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Why does world’s tallest populace seem to be getting shorter?
Dutch people born in 2001 are not as tall as previous generation – is it genetics, migration or nutrition?

Nicola Davis Science correspondent

17, Sep, 2021 @3:04 PM

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Scientists find evidence of humans making clothes 120,000 years ago
Tools and bones in Moroccan cave could be some of earliest evidence of the hallmark human behaviour

Nicola Davis Science correspondent

16, Sep, 2021 @3:00 PM

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Gaynor Cohen obituary
Other lives: Social anthropologist and civil servant whose interests were in education and employment

Sara Cohen

10, Sep, 2021 @4:06 PM

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In brief: Human Frontiers; Interviews With an Ape; Work: A History of How We Spend Our Time – review
Why we might have reached the peak of human progress, a gorilla has a lesson for us all and why work isn’t working

Alexander Larman

05, Sep, 2021 @3:00 PM

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Iain Edgar obituary
Other lives: Anthropologist who studied dreams

Andrew Russell

19, Aug, 2021 @5:20 PM

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