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‘This is a ticking time bomb’: why are so many entertainers forced to work past retirement age?
From jobbing workers to familiar names, legions of entertainers are working well into their 70s and 80s. Why? Our writer uncovers an alarming story of shrinking budgets, axed royalties, misguided mortgages and paltry pensions

Rachael Healy

28, May, 2024 @2:48 PM

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Grief is horrible – but it’s supposed to be. We have to feel a loss before we can grow through it
I’ve been a bereavement counsellor and a bereaved daughter. Both taught me that we need to face our emotions

Moya Sarner

20, May, 2024 @9:00 AM

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I feel the strongest I’ve ever been. Menopause hasn’t slowed me down
Despite the physical signs of ageing, I am determined to stay fit, keep my mind sharp, share my knowledge and embrace new adventures

Doreen Baingana

14, May, 2024 @12:00 PM

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My stepfather-in-law is still happy at work aged 90 – what’s his secret? | Zoe Williams
I wouldn’t force a seven-decade-career on anyone, but when you see someone who loves what they do after that amount of time, it’s worth learning from them, writes Zoe Williams

Zoe Williams

14, May, 2024 @10:00 AM

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A place to remember the babies who died | Brief letters
Brief letters: Mortonhall memorial | The privilege of ageing | Audiobook benefits | Defence advice | Life after olive oil

13, May, 2024 @4:09 PM

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A new start after 60: I’ve been a rocket scientist and a teacher – but I love being an actor
Margaret Bending adored her teenage brush with drama. More than half a century later, she began performing for paying audiences

Ammar Kalia

13, May, 2024 @6:00 AM

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Can there be life after extra virgin olive oil? | Brief letters
Brief letters: Olive oil prices | Ersatz coffee | Excellent espresso | Ageing alternative | Eurovision

12, May, 2024 @3:31 PM

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‘Menopause should be optional’: the doctor demystifying care for millions on TikTok
Mary Claire Haver talks armpit fat, hormone replacement therapy and the 10,000 women asking her for advice

Lauren Mechling

12, May, 2024 @3:00 PM

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It’s not how old you are that matters – it’s how you are old | Letters
Letters: Readers respond to a piece by Polly Toynbee in which she ponders how to put a number on old age

10, May, 2024 @4:03 PM

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If you live to 100, you might as well be happy: what poverty, jail and war have taught author Rhee Kun Hoo
Joy is all around us, according to the bestselling South Korean author. Here’s what he has learned from a long and often hard life

Emine Saner

09, May, 2024 @9:00 AM

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Anne Lamott on love, sobriety and reaching 70: ‘All I’ve learned, I’ve learned because the abyss swallowed me’
The American author’s 20th book reads as a series of parables on grace. In an interview, she reflects on a life she thought she wouldn’t get to live

Katherine Rowland

07, May, 2024 @3:00 PM

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He’s 93, he’s run 52 marathons and he’s in the gym six days a week: can this man teach us how to age well?
Known to his friends as the Legend, John Starbrook is living, breathing proof of the power of exercise and enthusiasm. I tried to keep up with him – and barely survived

Phil Daoust

05, May, 2024 @1:00 PM

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