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Sir John Sulston, pioneering genome scientist, dies aged 75
Sulston won the Nobel prize for medicine in 2002 for his work on genome sequencing

Hannah Devlin Science correspondent

09, Mar, 2018 @3:30 PM

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Is vitamin D really a cure-all – and how should we get our fix?
Evidence is growing that the ‘sunshine vitamin’ helps protect against a wide range of conditions including cancers

Nicola Davis

09, Mar, 2018 @1:06 PM

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Scientists unsure where Chinese space station will crash to Earth
Defunct module expected to scatter debris over thousands of kilometres in fiery descent

Ian Sample Science editor

09, Mar, 2018 @6:30 AM

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Spacewatch: engine fuelled by air will enable low-flying class of satellites
Electric thruster sucks in the scarce air molecules at the top of the Earth’s atmosphere, using them as propellant to fight drag

Stuart Clark

08, Mar, 2018 @9:30 PM

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‘Race science’ depends on dubious genetics | Letters
Letters: Martin Yuille, Steven Rose, Jonathan Bard, John Wilson and Iain Climie on the controversy ofer race and intelligence


08, Mar, 2018 @6:31 PM

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Richard Taylor obituary
Scientist who shared the 1990 Nobel prize in physics for establishing that protons and neutrons are made up of quarks

Frank Close

08, Mar, 2018 @5:21 PM

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From spy novels to Skripal: the myth of the untraceable poison
The idea of a poison that can’t be detected is terrifying, but there is no such thing

Kathryn Harkup

08, Mar, 2018 @1:05 PM

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Bridging the gender gap: why do so few girls study Stem subjects?
To attract more girls to study Stem subjects at university, we need to tackle the stereotypes they are exposed to early on

Nathalia Gjersoe

08, Mar, 2018 @8:55 AM

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Vitamin D may offer protection against cancers, study says
Experts remain split over whether it is worth taking supplements

Nicola Davis

07, Mar, 2018 @11:30 PM

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US cancer network recommending expensive drugs based on weak evidence, study finds
Study raises concerns about National Comprehensive Cancer Network, which publishes guidelines for American oncologists

Jessica Glenza in New York

07, Mar, 2018 @11:30 PM

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The Weirdest Stars in the Universe
How big can a star get? Why would a star only pretend to explode? Can you hide one star inside another?

Jon Butterworth

07, Mar, 2018 @8:53 PM

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Nasa spacecraft reveals Jupiter's interior in unprecedented detail
Juno mission paints dramatic picture of the turbulence within the solar system’s largest planet

Hannah Devlin Science correspondent

07, Mar, 2018 @6:58 PM

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