Europe v Nasa in race to build spaceplane

The ultimate Dan Dare dream of putting tourists into orbit, launching cut-price missions to the planets and building cheap space stations could soon be realised – by European scientists.

By Robin McKie Science Editor

25, Apr, 1999 @5:40 PM

No tears for passing of the Gay gene

Friday night and bronzed men spill out of Soho bars and clubs on to Old Compton Street. City boys wear hand-stitched chalk stripes; advertising executives sport delicate knits, grey spray-on trousers and Aqua di Parma.

By John Arlidge

25, Apr, 1999 @3:30 AM

'Gay gene' theory fails blood test

The controversial discovery of a 'gay gene' that may cause homosexuality to be inherited, was challenged by new scientific findings today.

By Tim Radford

23, Apr, 1999 @12:57 AM

Star man

It doesn't take much to top Kubrick's 2001. All you need is a reluctant star in a real space station.

By Tim Radford

20, Apr, 1999 @5:39 PM

The Joker

Gene scientists are quietly changing the rules of life as we know them: they are growing spare human body parts and transplanting pigs' hearts into monkeys. And a new breed of lab entrepreneurs stands to get very rich in the process. In the second of two unique reports, Henry Porter offers a revealing portrait of the men who are racing to exploit the latest discoveries

20, Apr, 1999 @3:23 PM

The cell detective


Hugh Pelham

19, Apr, 1999 @2:57 PM

The map maker

Name: John Sulston
Institution: Sanger Centre, Cambridge
Field: Mapping the human genome

19, Apr, 1999 @2:57 PM

The maverick

Name: Kary Mullis

19, Apr, 1999 @2:55 PM

Sunken spaceship mystery resurfaces

Salvage experts have begun a search aimed at solving one of the space industry's greatest mysteries: what happened to America's lost spaceship, the Liberty Bell 7?

By Robin McKie, Science Editor

18, Apr, 1999 @5:39 PM

£250m to see a star being born

British scientists will play a major role in building the world's largest observatory - an array of 64 giant telescopes on a 16,000ft high desert plateau in the Andes.

18, Apr, 1999 @5:38 PM

'Snips' of DNA may help fight disease

Ten pharmaceutical giants and five world famous laboratories are to join forces today in a £30 million attempt to create a new picture of humanity and a new kind of medicine.

By Tim Radford, Science Editor

15, Apr, 1999 @2:59 PM

Starwatch: The Lion in spring
Mars, brightening rapidly as it approaches opposition on the 24th, rises in the ESE at nightfall and passes 20-25 degree high in the S at 02.15 BST tomorrow. It is already closer than at any time since 1990, but a decent telescope and good `seeing' are needed to glimpse much detail on its 15 arcsec diameter ochre disk. It rivals Sirius at mag -1.4 at present, but don't confuse it with Venus, which blazes at mag -4.0 in the W evening sky and lies 3 deg below-left of the Pleiades tonight.

By Alan Pickup

12, Apr, 1999 @1:16 AM

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