How the elephant lost its sea legs

The emperor of the African plains may once have cruised the seas using its trunk as a snorkel. Australian scientists who have been examining elephant foetuses yesterday reported that they believed the largest land mammal of them all was once aquatic.

By Tim Radford, Science Editor

11, May, 1999 @1:08 AM

Vitamin A may increase cancer risk for smokers

There is more bad news for tobacco smokers. Beta carotene the powerful natural antioxidant source of vitamin A believed to protect against cancer will not help them.

By Tim Radford, Science Editor

28, Apr, 1999 @11:22 PM

It's a holiday, but not as we know it

A British businessman will make a small step for a man and a giant leap for cosmic tourism this summer when he becomes the first guest aboard Russia's accident-prone Mir space station.

By Tom Whitehouse in Moscow

28, Apr, 1999 @6:13 PM

Europe v Nasa in race to build spaceplane

The ultimate Dan Dare dream of putting tourists into orbit, launching cut-price missions to the planets and building cheap space stations could soon be realised – by European scientists.

By Robin McKie Science Editor

25, Apr, 1999 @5:40 PM

No tears for passing of the Gay gene

Friday night and bronzed men spill out of Soho bars and clubs on to Old Compton Street. City boys wear hand-stitched chalk stripes; advertising executives sport delicate knits, grey spray-on trousers and Aqua di Parma.

By John Arlidge

25, Apr, 1999 @3:30 AM

'Gay gene' theory fails blood test

The controversial discovery of a 'gay gene' that may cause homosexuality to be inherited, was challenged by new scientific findings today.

By Tim Radford

23, Apr, 1999 @12:57 AM

Star man

It doesn't take much to top Kubrick's 2001. All you need is a reluctant star in a real space station.

By Tim Radford

20, Apr, 1999 @5:39 PM

The Joker

Gene scientists are quietly changing the rules of life as we know them: they are growing spare human body parts and transplanting pigs' hearts into monkeys. And a new breed of lab entrepreneurs stands to get very rich in the process. In the second of two unique reports, Henry Porter offers a revealing portrait of the men who are racing to exploit the latest discoveries

20, Apr, 1999 @3:23 PM

The cell detective


Hugh Pelham

19, Apr, 1999 @2:57 PM

The map maker

Name: John Sulston
Institution: Sanger Centre, Cambridge
Field: Mapping the human genome

19, Apr, 1999 @2:57 PM

The maverick

Name: Kary Mullis

19, Apr, 1999 @2:55 PM

Sunken spaceship mystery resurfaces

Salvage experts have begun a search aimed at solving one of the space industry's greatest mysteries: what happened to America's lost spaceship, the Liberty Bell 7?

By Robin McKie, Science Editor

18, Apr, 1999 @5:39 PM

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