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We study ocean temperatures. The earth’s seas just broke a heat increase record | John Abraham
Last year the oceans absorbed heat equivalent to seven Hiroshima atomic bombs detonating each second, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

John Abraham

11, Jan, 2022 @11:15 AM

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More than 400 weather stations beat heat records in 2021
Maximiliano Herrera, watcher of extreme weather, says last year likely to be in top five or six hottest in history

Bibi van der Zee

07, Jan, 2022 @11:03 AM

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I’m a climate scientist. Don’t Look Up captures the madness I see every day | Peter Kalmus
A film about a comet hurtling towards Earth and no one is doing anything about it? Sounds exactly like the climate crisis

Peter Kalmus

29, Dec, 2021 @2:08 PM

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Telling people to ‘follow the science’ won’t save the planet. But they will fight for justice | Amy Westervelt
The climate emergency has clear themes with heroes and villains. Describing it this way is how to build a movement, says climate journalist Amy Westervelt

Amy Westervelt

28, Dec, 2021 @8:00 AM

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‘We need a new commons’: how city life can offer us the vital power of connection
The long read: The pandemic has seen borders close and divisions widened. But in almost all aspects of life, humanity will only thrive by coming together

Suketu Mehta

23, Dec, 2021 @6:00 AM

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Climate cost study authors accuse Bjørn Lomborg of misinterpreting results | Temperature Check
A key claim in a column by the Danish thinktank head frustrates scientists who modelled reducing emissions

Graham Readfearn

02, Dec, 2021 @1:52 AM

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Poverty, not climate breakdown, caused Madagascar’s food crisis, finds study
But scientists say ‘moral imperative’ remains to prepare vulnerable populations for increasingly extreme weather

Damian Carrington Environment editor

01, Dec, 2021 @11:01 PM

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‘We are not on course’: scientists warn action must match words at Cop26
Climate experts say their message is getting through but more urgent work is needed

Jonathan Watts

11, Nov, 2021 @3:18 PM

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Leading climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe: ‘You have the ability to use your voice’
Hayhoe says people can use their roles in their workplaces and communities to act on the climate crisis

Emma Pattee

10, Nov, 2021 @1:00 PM

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Jobs at risk without boost in research investment, peak body warns after Scott Morrison praises scientists
Australia currently spends just 1.8% of GDP on research and development, well behind OECD average

Daniel Hurst

07, Nov, 2021 @1:02 PM

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‘Dangerous blindspot’: why overlooking blue carbon could sink us
Exceptional new findings show the huge potential of salt marshes for sucking up carbon. But is it too late for blue carbon to save the world?

Karen McVeigh

06, Nov, 2021 @8:00 AM

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Climate depression is real. And it is spreading fast among our youth | Peter Kalmus
This is a crisis that cannot be solved by ‘positive messaging’. The only thing that will help is action from world leaders

Peter Kalmus

04, Nov, 2021 @10:40 AM

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