Runways, rockets and Russell’s teapot | Brief letters

Stonehenge tunnel | Ants and acid | Lost from the Guardian | Yorkshire pudding | Elon Musk

Would it be possible to have a free gamble on which major public work will be completed first: the Stonehenge tunnel or Heathrow’s third runway (First proposals for Stonehenge’s £1.6bn road tunnel revealed, 8 February)?
David Prothero
Harlington, Bedfordshire

• Morwenna Ferrier (The faddy eater, G2, 8 February) ascribes the flavour of ants to “the varying levels of ascorbic acid they contain”. This is incorrect. Ascorbic acid is vitamin C. What ants contain is memorably described by Ogden Nash: The ant has made itself illustrious / Through constant labouring industrious. / So what? Would you be calm and placid / If you were full of formic acid?
Sebastian Robinson

• In the manner of BBC TV’s Only Connect, a round 1 question could be: Box 1 – Pieceword; Box 2 – Racecards; Box 3 – Premier League team lineups on Mondays; Box 4 – Programme listings for Radio 2, Radio 5, 6Music etc. The answer, of course, to what they have in common is that none of them any longer appear in the Guardian. A pity. Please restore.
Kevin McMahon

• The correct way to deal with a yorkshire pudding (Letters, 9 February) is to push it to the side of your plate. If you are still hungry after your roast beef, eat a delicious eccles cake.
John Kirkwood

• A shame that Elon Musk’s rocket didn’t have room for a teapot (Musk leaves space rivals in his wake with launch of super-powered rocket, 7 February).
Peter McKenna

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