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Rehab is a lonely place for a gay man like me
Too many services assume people are straight. Tailored, more inclusive approaches are critical – and a civil and human right

Mark Prest

11, Dec, 2017 @10:30 AM

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Nine ways to save the NHS – by healthcare professionals
Charge for missed appointments, divert funds to social care and fine drunk people – readers weigh in on how to solve problems facing the health service

Sarah Johnson and Guardian readers

07, Jul, 2017 @8:26 AM

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Westminster: wealth, opulence and socially isolated new mothers
In an area where wealth and poverty sit side by side, a maternity project is tackling loneliness and mental health problems

Nicola Slawson

05, Oct, 2016 @6:30 AM

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Has government learned the vital lessons of public service failures?
Terrible examples like Mid Staffs, Rotherham and Doncaster can give clear pointers on how to respond when public services go wrong

Oliver Ilott

26, Jul, 2016 @10:11 AM

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Five a day? It's none a day in Britain's urban food deserts
In areas of the UK’s major cities, accessing affordable fruit and veg can be difficult – especially for those on tight budgets

Louise Tickle

05, Jul, 2016 @9:57 AM

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Is city living bad for your health?
Many cities struggle to offer their growing populations a healthy environment – but urban living doesn’t necessarily mean a poor quality of life

Kate Murray

08, Jun, 2016 @7:51 AM

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Mix meditation, yoga and NHS services and get … wellbeing
The NHS, local council and university in Northamptonshire have come together to launch a pioneering new company that will prioritise preventive healthcare services

Claudia Cahalane

16, Dec, 2015 @8:15 AM

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Expect more teenage pregnancies and STIs as public health cuts kick in
Slicing money out of local prevention services is ‘economically nonsensical’, completely undermining the pledge to pump billions into the NHS

Mary O'Hara

25, Nov, 2015 @7:04 AM

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Violence, climate change, obesity: world's cities face growing health risks
By 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas and the number living in slums is projected to double. This will present many health issues

SA Mathieson

13, Nov, 2015 @8:28 AM

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If people choose to smoke, vape or drink too much that should be up to them
Confusion lies at the heart of public health policy. People must be allowed to make unhealthy choices – not kept well whether they like it or not

Dave Clements

01, Oct, 2015 @8:11 AM

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Pregnancy diets and early years nutrition: spreading the word
A mother’s diet during pregnancy and in the first few months post-birth is vital for her child’s development and wellbeing. So why isn’t the message getting through to everyone?

Joanna Moorhead

23, Apr, 2015 @3:47 PM

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Substance misuse: why it's an exciting time to be on the frontline of recovery
I’ve never been so enthusiastic about the change my job can deliver, yet I’m floored by the scale of the task and decreasing resources

Chris Lee

15, Apr, 2015 @6:45 AM

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