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Wall Street Journal reporter arrested in Russia | First Thing
Evan Gershkovich is the first reporter for a US news outlet to be arrested on espionage charges in Russia since the cold war

Vivian Ho and Simon Jeffery

30, Mar, 2023 @11:34 AM

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Spain records new highest daily death toll – as it happened
This blog is closed.

Helen Sullivan (now); Clea Skopeliti , Jedidajah Otte, Nazia Parveen and Helen Davidson (earlier)

29, Mar, 2020 @11:33 PM

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Hong Kong university siege: a visual guide
Polytechnic University has been the scene of some of the most intense clashes since the protests began

Lily Kuo, Michael Safi, Cath Levett, Paul Scruton , Finbarr Sheehy andSimon Jeffery

18, Nov, 2019 @12:59 PM

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From foreign news to fashion, how our editors see the climate crisis
Editors from across the Guardian explain how they are putting the climate emergency front and centre

Julia Finch, Jamie Wilson, Simon Jeffery, Jess Cartner-Morley and Tim Lusher

17, Oct, 2019 @11:02 AM

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The investigations swirling around Donald Trump – a short guide
A special prosecutor, the FBI and various congressional committees are all involved in inquiries associated with the US president

Julian Borger, Simon Jeffery, Paul Scruton and Cath Levett

18, May, 2017 @5:47 PM

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A timeline of Donald Trump's alleged sexual misconduct: who, when and what
At the second debate, Donald Trump denied ever kissing or touching women without consent. But a number of women have come forward to contradict that

Amber Jamieson, Simon Jeffery and Nicole Puglise

27, Oct, 2016 @10:13 PM

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Paris and Brussels: the links between the attackers
Investigations into suspects in the November 2015 attacks in Paris and March 2016 attacks in Brussels reflect growing links between one overarching terror group that planned both atrocities

Simon Jeffery, Cath Levett and Glenn Swann

20, Apr, 2016 @5:40 PM

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Timeline of the Brussels attacks
The Belgian capital was hit on Tuesday morning by a series of explosions. At least 31 people have been confirmed dead and more than 220 injured in blasts at the city’s international airport and Maelbeek metro station in the city centre. Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks

Sean Clarke, Paul Torpey, Cath Levett, Glenn Swann, Paddy Allen, Finbarr Sheehy and Simon Jeffery

22, Mar, 2016 @3:48 PM

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The men who attacked Paris: profile of a terror cell
The killers who struck at locations across the French capital on Friday 13 November 2015, murdering at least 130 people and injuring hundreds more

Julian Borger, Paul Scruton, Cath Levett, Paul Torpey and Simon Jeffery

18, Mar, 2016 @7:19 PM

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Syria's civil war: five years of Guardian reporting
Five years after the start of the Syrian conflict, a collection of the Guardian’s most powerful reporting from world’s most intractable conflict

Martin Chulov, Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, Emma Graham-Harrison, Ian Black and Patrick Kingsley. Editing and design by Simon Jeffery, Chris Fenn, Finbarr Sheehy and Paul Torpey

14, Mar, 2016 @10:00 AM

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Five years of war in Syria: what happened and where we are now
Syria has imploded since pro-democracy protests shook the regime of Bashar al-Assad five years ago in March 2011. A brutal and complex war fuelled by sectarian, political and international divisions has killed hundreds of thousands of people and created millions of refugees

Simon Jeffery, Glenn Swann, Pablo Gutiérrez, Kareem Shaheen, Cath Levett, Bridget Coaker and Paul Torpey

09, Mar, 2016 @2:42 PM

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Europe's refugee crisis – a visual guide to developments in 2015
Tens of thousands of people are still arriving and travelling across Europe as EU politicians struggle to agree on realistic measures for dealing with the continent’s worst humanitarian crisis since the second world war

Simon Jeffery, Paul Scruton, Chris Fenn, Paul Torpey, Cath Levett, Pablo Gutiérrez

23, Oct, 2015 @2:11 PM

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