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Venezuelans go to polls in vote seen as gauge of Maduro's grip on power
Polls suggest opposition could win more than half of 23 gubernatorial elections amid claims government is trying to subvert vote

Sibylla Brodzinsky

15, Oct, 2017 @2:36 PM

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Colombia suspends police officers who fired into crowd, leaving six dead
Six farmers were killed and 20 wounded in south-western region of Tumaco and authorities initially blamed dissident Farc guerrillas for violence

Sibylla Brodzinsky in Bogotá

09, Oct, 2017 @6:49 PM

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Farc eyes Colombia's 2018 elections as it seeks new political dawn
Party faces uphill battle for political acceptance by voters who were taught to see its members as a terror threat over decades of violence

Sibylla Brodzinsky in Bogotá

01, Sep, 2017 @11:45 PM

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Cassie Sainsbury hopeful she will be cleared on drug mule charges, her lawyer says
After plea deal was rejected by judge, lawyer Orlando Herrán says the Australian woman’s claim she acted under threat frees her from any guilt

Sibylla Brodzinsky in Bogotá

11, Aug, 2017 @1:39 AM

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'Totally divided': how Venezuela's crisis split the Latin American left
After months of political turmoil in the country, Latin America’s once broadly united leftist movement is in disarray

Dom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro, Sibylla Brodzinsky in Bogotá, David Agren in Mexico City, Dan Collyns in Lima and Uki Goñi in Buenos Aires

10, Aug, 2017 @9:00 AM

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Chávez loyalists hold firm amid chaos in Venezuela: 'We are doing things right'
In 1992, Ruben Ávila helped lead the Venezuelan revolutionary’s coup attempt. In a rare interview he defends Nicolás Maduro and the course Chávez set

Sibylla Brodzinsky and Ana Sofia Romero in Morón

08, Aug, 2017 @9:00 AM

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Venezuela crisis: loyalist assembly inaugurated amid Vatican criticism
Nicolás Maduro installs body despite condemnation from dozens of countries, as opposition plans new protest: ‘We will take the streets to fight for freedom’

Sibylla Brodzinsky and agencies in Caracas

04, Aug, 2017 @6:19 PM

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Venezuela president says US pressured Smartmatic to make turnout claims
Nicolás Maduro stands by official vote count and says the tech platform is ‘pressured to the neck by gringos’

Sibylla Brodzinsky, Daniel Boffey and agencies

03, Aug, 2017 @7:34 AM

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40 countries protest Venezuela's new assembly amid fraud accusations
Opposition decries election of new constituent assembly made up of Socialist party and allies after claims eight million people voted were proved wrong

Sibylla Brodzinsky and Daniel Boffey

02, Aug, 2017 @5:52 PM

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Venezuela: Maduro condemned after opposition duo arrested in midnight raids
Leopoldo López and Antonio Ledezma said to have violated terms of house arrest but critics say move shows Maduro is ‘not willing to respect human rights’

Sibylla Brodzinsky

02, Aug, 2017 @6:36 AM

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Venezuela opposition has few options to combat Nicolás Maduro's power grab
Amid Venezuala’s escalating violence and political turmoil, Maduro’s opponents face limited options, most of them unpalatable and likely to cause turbulence

Jonathan Watts and Sibylla Brodzinsky

01, Aug, 2017 @3:32 PM

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US hits Nicolás Maduro with sanctions after Venezuela's 'sham' election
Sanctions freeze Venezuelan president’s assets under US jurisdiction and prevent US citizens from doing business with him

Virginia López and Sibylla Brodzinsky

31, Jul, 2017 @7:33 PM

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