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Pakistan delays Punjab election despite supreme court ruling
Former prime minister Imran Khan says election commission’s move is violation of Pakistan’s constitution

Shah Meer Baloch

23, Mar, 2023 @2:14 PM

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Pakistan court orders police to halt efforts to arrest Imran Khan
High court move follows violent clashes between police and supporters outside former PM’s house in Lahore

Shah Meer Baloch in Islamabad

15, Mar, 2023 @2:00 PM

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International Women’s Day 2023: women defy protest ban with march in Pakistan – as it happened
Latest updates from the UK and across the globe as 2,000 women protest in Lahore and Ireland announces gender equality referendum

Alexandra Topping (now) and Tobi Thomas (earlier)

08, Mar, 2023 @4:20 PM

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Pakistan crackdown on Afghan refugees leaves ‘four dead’ and thousands in cells
Asylum seekers in Karachi tell of terror of being sent back to the Taliban and despair at being shackled and held in Pakistani jails

Shah Meer Baloch in Pakistan

02, Mar, 2023 @12:00 PM

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‘God, come help us’: Pakistan families still hungry and homeless six months after floods
Forced to endure a ‘humiliating’ life in tent cities, waiting for stagnant waters to recede, villagers say they have been abandoned

Shah Meer Baloch in Dadu

08, Feb, 2023 @6:30 AM

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Banks and countries pledge over $9bn to rebuild Pakistan after catastrophic floods
International funders join Pakistan PM and UN secretary general in Geneva to agree recovery plan following ‘monsoon on steroids’

Shah Meer Baloch Islamabad

10, Jan, 2023 @10:08 AM

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Imran Khan to resume protests – this time taking on Pakistan’s military
After surviving an assassination attempt, many believe ex-PM could use his support to press army to back a return to power

Hannah Ellis-Petersen and Shah Meer Baloch

26, Nov, 2022 @9:02 AM

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‘Everyone should see it’: embattled film Joyland opens in Pakistan
Love story involving trans woman, which won jury prize at Cannes, still banned in Punjab province

Shah Meer Baloch in Islamabad

21, Nov, 2022 @4:22 PM

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‘We deserve to be treated equally’: Pakistan’s trans community steps out of the shadows
Ridiculed and persecuted for years, members of Khwaja Sira have staged their first march in support of trans rights

Shah Meer Baloch

20, Nov, 2022 @4:56 PM

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Imran Khan denies corruption over $2m worth of state gifts
Former Pakistan PM denies allegations he sold items given to him by Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman

Shah Meer Baloch in Islamabad

18, Nov, 2022 @5:00 AM

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‘Fake encounters’ with Pakistani forces lead to torture and death
Outcry is growing in Balochistan over the number of people abducted by security officials who often disappear forever

Shah Meer Baloch in Islamabad

06, Nov, 2022 @8:00 AM

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Imran Khan supporters take to streets as shooting fuels Pakistan tensions
Stakes raised on Friday as clashes erupt between police and protesters in cities across Pakistan

Shah Meer Baloch in Rawalpindi and agencies

04, Nov, 2022 @6:17 PM

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