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Media freedom in dire state in record number of countries, report finds
World Press Freedom Index report warns disinformation and AI pose mounting threats to journalism

Oliver Holmes

03, May, 2023 @4:00 AM

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Sudan conflict: why is there fighting and what is at stake in the region?
Power struggle between military factions erupted after faltering transition to civilian-led government

Adam Fulton and Oliver Holmes

27, Apr, 2023 @9:15 AM

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Sudan: fighting eases during truce as thousands flee country
With partially held ceasefire due to expire on Thursday, UN says neither side ready to seriously negotiate

Zeinab Mohammed Salih in Khartoum, and Oliver Holmes

26, Apr, 2023 @3:29 PM

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Sudan’s ex-leader Omar al-Bashir being held in military hospital, says army
Bashir, wanted by international criminal court on genocide charges, moved after attack by paramilitaries on prison where he was being held

Zeinab Mohammed Salih in Khartoum, Oliver Holmes and agencies

26, Apr, 2023 @10:01 AM

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Airstrikes threaten three-day truce in Sudan
Senior aid worker issues warning over armed seizure of Khartoum lab containing deadly diseases

Zeinab Mohammed Salih in Khartoum and Oliver Holmes

25, Apr, 2023 @4:27 PM

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Fighting in Sudan in maps, satellite images and video
A visual guide detailing the violence that has affected the capital and other parts of the country

Maheen Sadiq, Lucy Swan, Faisal Ali, Elena Morresi and Oliver Holmes

24, Apr, 2023 @3:46 PM

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Sudan: what have different countries done to get nationals out?
World powers have scrambled to evacuate foreigners stranded in north-east African country

Oliver Holmes and Patrick Wintour

24, Apr, 2023 @11:34 AM

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starship rocket blows up minutes after launch
Largest and most powerful rocket ever built blasts off on test flight that is hoped to be step on human journey to Mars

Oliver Holmes

20, Apr, 2023 @2:07 PM

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SpaceX Starship test flight cancelled minutes before blast-off
Elon Musk says launch of most powerful rocket ever built called off due to ‘pressurisation’ issue

Oliver Holmes

17, Apr, 2023 @1:42 PM

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Snake on a plane forces South African pilot to make emergency landing
Rudolph Erasmus praised for ‘great airmanship’ after discovery of deadly cobra in cockpit of private plane

Oliver Holmes

05, Apr, 2023 @5:38 PM

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Egyptian army has turned Sinai schools into military bases, says rights group
Exclusive: Group says military is compromising children’s right to education with its campaign against militants

Oliver Holmes

30, Mar, 2023 @5:00 AM

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Israeli crisis continues as ‘fired’ minister apparently refuses to quit
Questions raised over Benjamin Netanyahu’s control over coalition as he makes concessions to far right

Oliver Holmes and agencies

28, Mar, 2023 @2:38 PM

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