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The intelligence explosion: how do you stop a robot from turning evil? – original drama video
It’s 2027 and Mental Endeavours Ltd has a problem with their flagship robot Günther. How do you program an intelligent machine not to annihilate humanity? And if its intelligence is skyrocketing faster than anyone could have predicted, are they about to run out of time?
This original drama produced by the Guardian is a super-intelligence sci-fi

Dan Susman, Jess Gormley, Michael Tait, James Armstrong and Pascal Wyse

20, Feb, 2017 @12:00 PM

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The science of sound: Tinie Tempah’s brain on music
For Tinie Tempah, music is all about being in the moment; for scientists from the University of Reading it’s a way to unlock the mysteries of human emotion. But what happened when Tinie agreed to let them scan his brain on music?

The Mill, Michael Taitand Richard Vine

12, Sep, 2016 @7:05 AM

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Neuro cuisine: exploring the science of flavour
Colour, sound and shape are just as important as sugar and salt in determining how food tastes. Why do senses combine in our brains - and will a red light bulb really make cake sweeter? Tamal Ray takes us on a scientific tour of gastrophysics

Amy Fleming, Richard Vine, Michael Tait, Troy Griggs, Malik Meer

23, May, 2016 @8:44 AM

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All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy
A cowboy’s odyssey into a vanished world was a poignant companion in Scotland’s Hebrides, where the bleak and beautiful coexist, and family ties are woven from ancient, comforting cloth

Michael Tait

07, Aug, 2015 @11:30 AM

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Sea-kayaking along Scotland’s wild west coast: an adventure in the Highlands
Crystal clear sea, stunning natural surroundings and abundant wildlife make exploring this part of Scotland by kayak an inspirational experience, and with many sights far easier to access by water the paddling is well worth the effort

Michael Tait

08, Jul, 2015 @6:00 AM

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The film that makes me cry: La Strada
Fellini’s Oscar-winning weepie is moving not only for the cruel fate of its lead characters at the hand of a brutish man, but for how we can see ourselves in them

Michael Tait

18, Mar, 2015 @1:20 PM

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Richard Rogers' Florence masterplan – video

After 40 years of trying to work in Florence, Lord Rogers has returned to his birthplace to realise his vision for cities

MIchele Bonechi and Michael Tait

12, Sep, 2014 @11:26 AM

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Ukraine: what does Russia's Vladimir Putin want? – video

More than 2500 have been killed in the conflict in Ukraine and Russia and the west are more hostile than at any time since the Cold War

Guy Grandjean, Michael Tait and Mark Rice-Oxley

02, Sep, 2014 @2:36 PM

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Obesity in the UK: The Shape We're In – video

In this animation based on Sarah Boseley's book The Shape We're In, we ask: where do we go from here?

Michael Tait, Paul Boyd

21, Aug, 2014 @7:00 AM

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Meet the goat men of Broughgammon farm - video

Brothers Charlie and Sandy manage Broughgammon farm, a family business with sustainability at its core

Produced by Joseph Matthews and Michael Tait

15, Aug, 2014 @8:47 AM

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What on earth is beard beer? Our top five wild beers – video

Brewer and food writer Daniel Tapper takes a look at wild beer, finds out what it actually is and then reveals his top five along with the best beer expert around, Big Al

Ekaterina Ochagavia and Michael Tait

01, Aug, 2014 @11:02 AM

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After the deluge: why Basingstoke is still vulnerable to floods – video

Six months after Basingstoke was hit by flooding, Lucy Siegle visits the area – and finds out why more flooding could be just around the corner

Presented by Lucy Siegle and produced by Joseph Matthews, Michael Tait and Bibi van der Zee

29, Jul, 2014 @8:26 AM

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