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The 'climate diaspora' trying to save the Paris agreement from Trump
There was an exodus of climate experts from the White House after the 2016 election – but they still turn up to UN talks

Karl Mathiesen

03, Dec, 2018 @6:00 AM

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BP plan to drill in Great Australian Bight risked 750km oil spill, documents show
Under company modelling major spill would pollute beaches and could disrupt southern right whale migration

Karl Mathiesen

06, Apr, 2018 @4:30 AM

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Tony Abbott says climate change is 'probably doing good'
Former Australian PM delivers speech in London comparing global warming action to ‘killing goats to appease volcano gods’

Karl Mathiesen for Climate Home in London

09, Oct, 2017 @8:06 PM

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'Daring to Doubt': Tony Abbott to address London climate sceptic group
Abbott will become the second former Australian prime minister to address the Global Warming Policy Foundation, following John Howard in 2013

Karl Mathiesen for Climate Home

01, Sep, 2017 @10:42 PM

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Alone, China's ban on ivory could make life worse for elephants
China has ordered all its legal ivory carvers and traders to get of the business by the end of the year. But it will have to do more if it really wants to stop poaching

Karl Mathiesen

06, Jan, 2017 @9:00 PM

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Mystery of hundreds of thousands of dead fish on Cornish beach solved
While some blamed bad weather or predation for beaching at Marazion at St Michael’s Mount, the fish were in fact dumped by a fishing boat for safety reasons

Karl Mathiesen

19, Dec, 2016 @6:00 PM

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China to set date to close ivory factories
Preparation is under way in China to bring in a ban on their domestic ivory trade, following a promise made with the US earlier this year

Karl Mathiesen, Naomi Larsson

13, Dec, 2016 @12:35 PM

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Cameroonian ranger killed by wildlife poachers
Two to three rangers are being shot a week on the frontline of elephant protection

Karl Mathiesen

10, Dec, 2016 @8:18 AM

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Indigenous land rights key to stopping deforestation in Central America
Climate Home: Without their traditional land managers, conservation reserves in Central America are left vulnerable to corporate interests, report finds

Karl Mathiesen for Climate Home, part of the Guardian Environment Network

09, Dec, 2016 @3:37 PM

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Live Q&A: Elephants are disappearing, so how can we save them?
The survival of elephants depends on what humans do now. On Tuesday 22 November from 1-2.30pm we held a live discussion about how to discuss how to save this threatened species

Bibi van der Zee, Karl Mathiesen

22, Nov, 2016 @2:47 PM

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过去3年间,新加坡缉获大量非法象牙,生态保护团体担心犯罪团伙正在开辟新的走私路线。翻译:金艳 (翻译:子明/chinadialogue)

Karl Mathiesen/卡尔·马帝森

20, Sep, 2016 @11:27 PM

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Legal rhino horn and ivory trade should benefit Africa, says Swaziland government
As talks about a complete ban on both the international and domestic markets heat up, the Swaziland government accuses western NGOs of being ‘armchair preservationists’

Karl Mathiesen

12, Sep, 2016 @10:28 AM

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