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Observer review: Personality by Andrew O'Hagan

Andrew O'Hagan follows the rise and fall of a 70s celebrity in his rags-to-riches tale, Personality

Joanna Griffiths

23, Mar, 2003 @3:18 AM

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Observer review: Kafka Goes to the Movies by Hanns Zischler

When the cinema came to Prague a young writer found scenes from life and the world of dreams. Hanns Zischler finds an author playing a new role in Kafka Goes to the Movies

Joanna Griffiths

16, Feb, 2003 @4:26 AM

Observer review: Samuel Pepys by Claire Tomalin

How can you write a biography of Samuel Pepys? Claire Tomalin lets the world's most famous diarist speak for himself

Joanna Griffiths

29, Sep, 2002 @2:42 PM

Observer review: Nineteen Twenty-One by Adam Thorpe

But if you weren't there, how do you write it? Adam Thorpe gets lost in a hall of mirrors in his novel Nineteen Twenty-One

Joanna Griffiths

24, Jun, 2001 @12:51 AM

Observer review: The Day We Had Hitler Home by Rodney Hall

Rodney Hall deposits the German dictator into a small town in Australia in The Day We Had Hitler Home, but what is he doing there?

Joanna Griffiths

29, Apr, 2001 @1:28 AM

Observer review: Wrestling with the Angel by Michael King

Janet Frame was diagnosed as schizophrenic, hailed as a genius - and perhaps was neither. Michael King reveals too much in Wrestling with the Angel

Joanna Griffiths

08, Apr, 2001 @2:08 AM

Observer review: Hildegard of Bingen by Fiona Maddocks

Prophet, artist, politician, healer... all of this and she never gave up her day job. Fiona Maddocks gives a pragmatic account of the life of Hildegard of Bingen

Joanna Griffiths

18, Mar, 2001 @3:56 AM

An exchange of knowledge, World Bank style
Yesterday, the Guardian published a leaked World Bank memo, which criticized the Bank's President, James Wolfensohn, for being "isolated from reality" and fostering "an atmosphere of fear" in the Bank. Wolfensohn has been busy for the last few years trying to re-create the Bank as a disinterested participant in global debates around development. Yet, the memo says, he has failed to "practice the values and behaviours he espouses for the rest of us".

Joanna Griffiths

01, Feb, 2001 @11:48 AM

Observer review: The Brontë Myth by Lucasta Miller

Can we ever really know what happened at Haworth? Lucasta Miller is on the trail of the literary sleuths in The Brontë Myth

Joanna Griffiths

31, Dec, 2000 @12:11 AM

Forgotten poet

Joanna Griffiths picks out Charlotte Mew's Complete Poems

Joanna Griffiths

24, Dec, 2000 @12:51 AM

Isle of Wight's footprints

Could ecological footprinting save the Isle of Wight from rising sea levels?

Joanna Griffiths

29, Nov, 2000 @1:53 AM

The Hague 2000: US envoy gets caked

The climate change talks at The Hague were disrupted yesterday by protesters who burst into a negotiating room and staged a sit-in, and by a separate incident in which a woman pressed a chocolate cream cake in the face of the head of the US delegation, Undersecretary of State Frank E Loy, as he gave his daily press briefing.

Joanna Griffiths

23, Nov, 2000 @4:50 PM

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