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Wednesday’s best TV: No Offence; A Very British Brothel
Paul Abbott’s comedy cop drama returns, while Channel 4 make another visit to Sheffield’s thriving massage parlour City Sauna

Andrew Mueller, David Stubbs, John Robinson, Phil Harrison, Graeme Virtue, Grace Rahman, Luke Holland and Paul Howlett

04, Jan, 2017 @6:00 AM

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Friday’s best TV: Noel Edmonds, Judi Dench and Delicious
The Swap Shop host’s one-off live show strikes a nostalgic chord, while the Dench’s glittering career is profiled in a thoroughly entertaining retrospective. Plus, Sky cooks up a soapy drama starring Dawn French and Emilia Fox

Graeme Virtue, Luke Holland, Grace Rahman, Jack Seale, David Stubbs, Ali Catterall, Paul Howlett

30, Dec, 2016 @6:20 AM

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Friday’s best TV – Wild Tales from the Village; assorted Christmas specials
The Missing’s Tchéky Karyo livens up a highly stylised film about French garden wildlife, while The Last Leg and Stella get silly and seasonal

Grace Rahman, Ali Catterall, Mark Gibbings-Jones, Ben Arnold, Andrew Mueller and Phil Harrison

23, Dec, 2016 @7:20 AM

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Wednesday’s best TV: In Plain Sight, Quarry
The horrifying crime thriller about the Beast of Birkenshaw murders concludes. Plus: a bloody and brooding new drama

Ben Arnold, Graeme Virtue, Phil Harrison, David Stubbs, Luke Holland, Grace Rahman, John Robinson, Paul Howlett

21, Dec, 2016 @6:10 AM

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Tuesday’s best TV: Rillington Place; Life on the Psych Ward
Tim Roth delivers a masterclass in macabre as infamous serial killer Reg Christie, plus a compassionate look at people with mental disorders contemplating how they can rejoin society

Jonathan Wright, Jack Seale, Mark Gibbings-Jones, John Robinson, Hannah Verdier, Grace Rahman

29, Nov, 2016 @6:10 AM

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Monday’s best TV: MPs: Behind Closed Doors, Tour De Celeb, The Last Miners
Nick Clegg, Naz Shah and Jacob Rees-Mogg show us what happens when they meet their public. Plus: a gruelling celebrity cycling challenge

Ali Catterall, Paul Howlett, Andrew Mueller, Grace Rahman, Jack Seale, Graeme Virtue, Jonathan Wright

28, Nov, 2016 @6:20 AM

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Sunday's best TV: Planet Earth II; Whites v Blacks – How Football Changed a Nation
Attenborough serves up a desert-themed spectacular, and there’s a fascinating, enraging look at race in British football

Phil Harrison, Mark Gibbings-Jones, Grace Rahman, Hannah Verdier, Jack Seale, Ben Arnold, David Stubbs

27, Nov, 2016 @6:00 AM

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Tuesday’s best TV: Breaking the Silence Live; What Britain Earns With Mary Portas
A group of deaf people will have new cochlear implants turned on, live on TV; meanwhile, Mary Portas noses around to find out the nation’s salaries. Plus: Alan Yentob talks to the artist William Kentridge

David Stubbs, Jack Seale, Grace Rahman, Andrew Mueller, Hannah Verdier, Ali Catterall, John Robinson and Paul Howlett

22, Nov, 2016 @6:10 AM

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Sunday's best TV: Executed by Isis, Planet Earth II, Frankie Boyle's Election Autopsy
The moving story of journalist James Foley, killed by Isis, is told in a new documentary. Plus, a jungle-themed Planet Earth, and Frankie Boyle dissects the US election - but are there any laughs to be had?

Phil Harrison, Ben Arnold, Ali Catterall, Graeme Virtue, Andrew Mueller, Grace Rahman, Mark Gibbings-Jones, Paul Howlett

20, Nov, 2016 @6:00 AM

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Saturday's best TV: Deep Water, The Rolling Stones: Ole Ole Ole!, Artsnight
The Aussie crime drama gets uglier, there’s a rollicking tour of Latin America with the Rolling Stones and the Turner prize comes under the Artsnight microscope

Phil Harrison, Jack Seale, Mark Gibbings-Jones, David Stubbs, Ali Catterall, Grace Rahman, Graeme VirtuePaul Howlett

19, Nov, 2016 @6:00 AM

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Wednesday’s best TV: Who’s Won the White House, Black is the New Black
A news special picks apart the results of the US election. Plus: famous faces from Thandie Newton to Lenny Henry discuss the black British experience

Gwilym Mumford, Ali Catterall, Andrew Mueller, Grace Rahman, Graeme Virtue, David Stubbs, John Robinson, Paul Howlett

09, Nov, 2016 @6:09 AM

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Tuesday’s best TV: Masterchef: The Professionals; Election Night in America
The culinary challenge show is back, and it’s the climax of the utterly unrealistic political drama from the US. Prepare for a sleepless night

Jonathan Wright, Hannah Verdier, Mark Gibbings-Jones, David Stubbs, Grace Rahman, Jack Seale and Paul Howlett

08, Nov, 2016 @6:10 AM

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