The true sin of Sally Bercow | Carol Sarler
Carol Sarler: Why do so many women become celebrities just because of the men they know?

Carol Sarler

27, Aug, 2011 @11:03 PM

It's not natural but it's still wonderful | Carol Sarler

Carol Sarler: The response to the creation of human sperm was predictably hysterical and missed the point

Carol Sarler

11, Jul, 2009 @11:01 PM

Carol Sarler: Even Ian Brady deserves the right to die with dignity
Carol Sarler: If anyone says their life has become intolerable, we have to listen when they want to end it

Carol Sarler

18, Nov, 2007 @12:18 AM

Carol Sarler: This limbo that lasts a lifetime
Carol Sarler: After another 'sighting 'last week, the McCanns face a future of accusation and uncertainty, just like Ben Needham's family.

Carol Sarler

29, Sep, 2007 @11:14 PM

Carol Sarler: If you think the nation decides, think again
Carol Sarler: It's not the naming of Blue Peter's cat we should blame the BBC for. It's the idiocy of a public vote.

Carol Sarler

22, Sep, 2007 @11:14 PM

Carol Sarler: Don't let science fall foul of the yuck factor
Carol Sarler: Robert Winston is the latest scientist to find that potential life-saving research is thwarted by a misplaced public outcry of moral outrage.

Carol Sarler

15, Sep, 2007 @11:16 PM

Do we need to know our parentage?

Last week, MPs proposed that birth certificates should indicate whether a child was conceived using donated eggs or sperm.

Viv Groskop and Carol Sarler

05, Aug, 2007 @4:08 PM

Carol Sarler: Please, just leave us out of the loop
Carol Sarler: For all the big talk about the big conversation, it's actually not big and it's not clever.

Carol Sarler

07, Jul, 2007 @11:10 PM

Carol Sarler: Lay off America - its heart is in the right place
Carol Sarler: It's an easy target, but it's time to stop mocking the States. They could sure teach the Brits a thing or two.

Carol Sarler

23, Jun, 2007 @11:10 PM

Carol Sarler: Kindly confine yourself, Ms Hewitt
Carol Sarler: Before pushing for more home births, the Health Secretary should wait to see how safe they are.

Carol Sarler

07, Apr, 2007 @11:05 PM

Carol Sarler on Anna Nicole Smith
Carol Sarler: Even though, in many respects, Anna Nicole Smith was every bit the sorry slapper she was held to be, hearing of her death was a poignant, Marilyn moment.

Carol Sarler

11, Feb, 2007 @12:07 AM

Carol Sarler: Why vilify Madonna's generosity?
Carol Sarler: Madonna - like many inter-country adopters - has also donated lavishly to baby David's community.

Carol Sarler

14, Oct, 2006 @11:08 PM

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