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Melania Trump and Theresa May show some real fight. Better late than never | Barbara Ellen
When they had power they failed to use it. But their revenge is still sweet to watch

Barbara Ellen

23, Jan, 2021 @6:00 PM

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Is Theresa May really the only Tory willing to hold this government to account? | Rupa Huq
The former Maybot is now an escaped mutant strain of Conservative, harrying Boris Johnson from the backbenches, says Labour MP Rupa Huq

Rupa Huq

20, Jan, 2021 @4:22 PM

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Theresa May accuses Boris Johnson of 'abandoning global leadership'
The former prime minister also criticised outgoing US president Donald Trump

Jedidajah Otte

20, Jan, 2021 @12:32 AM

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Johnson represents ‘boys’ club’ approach to Commons, says Rudd
PM’s style means prospects for women are diminishing, according to former cabinet colleague

Peter Walker Political correspondent

15, Jan, 2021 @12:01 AM

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From leave vote to last-ditch deal – a big Brexit timeline
Key landmarks along the bumpy road towards Britain’s departure from the EU

Lisa O'Carroll

31, Dec, 2020 @11:00 PM

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Grenfell Tower inquiry: government ministers called to give evidence
Politicians such as Theresa May could be cross-examined about their actions in run-up of fire next year

Robert Booth Social affairs correspondent

29, Dec, 2020 @6:07 PM

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Now the Brexit blame game will play out at the door of No 10
A deal is better than no deal, but the prime minister will be personally held to account for every negative impact on the UK, says former Tory cabinet member David Gauke

David Gauke

24, Dec, 2020 @6:20 PM

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Zelda Perkins: ‘There will always be men like Weinstein. All I can do is try to change the system that enables them’
When she was just 24 and her colleague was attacked by Harvey Weinstein, Perkins took on the media mogul. She explains the impact of this year’s verdict and why she is still fighting against the non disclosure agreements that kept his crimes being revealed

Emine Saner

23, Dec, 2020 @12:00 PM

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How did we get here? The harsh realities of a no-deal Brexit
We were told it would be easy. Now, as Britain faces the threat of a no deal Brexit and its grim consequences it has become clear the EU and UK’s positions were always irreconcilable

Toby Helm and Tom Wall

13, Dec, 2020 @10:45 AM

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Theresa May accused of breaking rules in blocking drugs expert
Exclusive: in 2018 the then prime minister barred expert from drugs advisory panel

Mattha Busby

10, Dec, 2020 @1:30 PM

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We have realised too late the abstract and concrete realities of Brexit can't be reconciled | Zoe Williams
Two contexts have existed in parallel: one about respect for the process, and the other about practicalities, says the Guardian columnist Zoe Williams

Zoe Williams

07, Dec, 2020 @1:46 PM

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Theresa May's negotiator on EU tactics and her worst Brexit day
Analysis: Raoul Ruparel, who advised Theresa May on Europe, knows better than most what is needed to reach a deal

Lisa O'Carroll Brexit correspondent

06, Dec, 2020 @7:30 PM

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