The miners' strike 1984-85

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The right says strikes are abusive and wicked. I say they have helped build our society | Owen Jones
Don’t believe Rishi Sunak or other Tory union-busters, says the Guardian columnist Owen Jones

Owen Jones

13, Dec, 2022 @6:00 AM

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Top 10 dissenting life stories | Sheila Rowbotham
From Doris Lessing’s frank memoirs of social change to less famous campaigners in decisive struggles, these accounts provide an inspiring look ‘into the window’ of history

Sheila Rowbotham

30, Nov, 2022 @12:00 PM

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UK facing biggest disruption since 1980s miners’ strike
Nearly 1.7 million mostly public sector workers are being balloted on or have voted for stoppages

Heather Stewart and Phillip Inman

06, Nov, 2022 @3:12 PM

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Credits are due for inspirational protest photographs | Letters
Letters: Jon Harvey and Tim Alden respond to a feature that brought together some of the best images of direct action ever taken


08, Jul, 2022 @5:11 PM

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‘It was refreshing to see what Sherwood did’: how the BBC’s acclaimed miners’ strike drama went down in the real pit villages
In the Nottingham streets where the serial is set, the struggle now is to control the narrative of a fiercely contested history

Tim Adams

03, Jul, 2022 @8:00 AM

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I wrote Sherwood as a warning. When communities are divided, the pain endures | James Graham
Tensions from miners’ strike are echoed in Brexit, levelling up and today’s rail disputes. We can’t let bonds be torn apart, says playwright and screenwriter James Graham

James Graham

29, Jun, 2022 @5:00 AM

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Sherwood recap: episode four – have we found our Keats?
Arrows continue to fly as the fugitives hide out in the forest and spycop suspicion comes exceedingly close to home. And what a final sequence. Wow

Michael Hogan

21, Jun, 2022 @9:00 PM

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Sir James Anderton obituary
‘God’s copper’, who felt answerable to a higher authority than the Home Office during his time as chief constable of Greater Manchester

Duncan Campbell

06, May, 2022 @2:30 PM

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Michael McColgan obituary
Other lives: Former academic who retrained as a solicitor and worked for families affected by the Hillsborough disaster

Martin McColgan

02, Feb, 2022 @1:17 PM

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In the darkness and dust: memorial recalls the hard history of British mining
The monument will celebrate the courageous contribution of a once-essential group of workers to our industrial heritage

Harriet Sherwood

08, Aug, 2021 @5:15 AM

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‘It’s offensive’: Wakefield residents on PM’s pit closures joke
Boris Johnson’s comments come as ex-miners fight to save their ‘raided’ pension fund

Robyn Vinter

06, Aug, 2021 @5:20 PM

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How Tebbit led the UK to cycling glory | Brief letters
Brief letters: Johnson’s ‘joke’ | Levelling up | Losers | Names | Absence notes


06, Aug, 2021 @3:56 PM

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