Martin McGuinness

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The Long Game: Inside Sinn Féin review – from the Provos to the promised land?
Aoife Moore conducts a painstaking study of the party and its leading figures, revealing Sinn Féin’s future prospects and complicated relationship with the IRA

Ian Cobain

11, Sep, 2023 @8:00 AM

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Operation Chiffon by Peter Taylor review – how they talked their way out of the Troubles
In this compelling account, the author and documentary-maker describes how decades of covert communications between the British government and the IRA eased the path to the Good Friday agreement – helped by an unlikely hero

Ian Cobain

02, Apr, 2023 @6:00 AM

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Sinn Fein votes to abandon abstentionism and fight for seats in the Dail - archive, 1986
In November 1986, Sinn Fein voted to overturn the longstanding policy of abstaining from the Irish parliament

09, Feb, 2020 @11:56 AM

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Arlene Foster: Martin McGuinness knew of 'cash for ash' warnings
DUP leader tells inquiry deputy first minister was aware of concerns about energy scheme

Rajeev Syal

25, Sep, 2018 @6:41 PM

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Q&A: What next for Northern Ireland after a record 589 days adrift?
No end to the Stormont impasse in sight as Belgium’s unhappy milestone surpassed

Rory Carroll Ireland correspondent

28, Aug, 2018 @2:31 PM

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Will Theresa May finally stand up to the DUP and help restore Stormont? | Elisha McCallion
The Tory-DUP pact has undermined attempts to rebuild power-sharing. On Wednesday, May has the chance to put this right, says Elisha McCallion

Elisha McCallion

23, Jul, 2018 @12:46 PM

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Why put the Good Friday agreement at risk when harmony is possible? | Letters
Letters: Readers respond to a Guardian editorial and an opinion piece by Hillary Clinton


13, Apr, 2018 @3:25 PM

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The Guardian view on Karen Bradley’s task in Northern Ireland: three months to stop the drift | Editorial
Editorial: Theresa May’s focus on Brexit has been bad for Northern Ireland. It is time to get the peace process working once more


09, Jan, 2018 @7:31 PM

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Martin McGuinness biography divides Irish opinion – as he did in life
Observer and Guardian correspondent Henry McDonald’s take on the late nationalist leader traces his rise from rebel to education minister

Vanessa Thorpe Observer arts and media correspondent

02, Dec, 2017 @6:23 PM

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Brendan Duddy obituary
Irish businessman whose dogged pursuit of peace made him an ideal IRA-British government go-between

Henry McDonald

15, May, 2017 @2:07 PM

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Paisley and McGuinness: the movie. But is it a travesty of the truth?
Critics say a film about the friendship plays fast and loose with facts

Henry McDonald in Dublin

06, May, 2017 @11:04 PM

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The Journey review – Paisley and McGuinness travel far in odd-couple bromance
Colm Meaney and Timothy Spall play Martin McGuinness and Ian Paisley in this well-intentioned what-if drama set during Northern Ireland’s peace talks

Peter Bradshaw

05, May, 2017 @6:00 AM

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