Margaret Thatcher

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Infected blood scandal: who failed the victims, and who fought for them
Key people and groups involved in perpetuating and covering up the public health disaster, and those who brought it to light

Jamie Grierson

20, May, 2024 @5:17 PM

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The Road to Freedom by Joseph E Stiglitz review – a vision of progressive capitalism seems too little, too late
The Nobel-winning US economist’s championing of government intervention to nullify neoliberal excesses is ardently expressed but unconvincing

Stuart Jeffries

12, May, 2024 @4:00 PM

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Something is stirring in England: right to buy looks imperilled, and not a moment too soon | John Harris
It was Thatcher’s most dire piece of social engineering. Labour’s leadership can’t keep ignoring the voices now raised against it, says Guardian columnist John Harris

John Harris

12, May, 2024 @11:59 AM

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Keir Starmer must flush away the stinking turd of Thatcher’s water privatisation | Letters
Letters: Ofwat is just going through the regulatory motions and Labour must act after the election, says Peter Timberlake. However, Bill Kingdom says public ownership is no panacea

01, May, 2024 @4:53 PM

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Thatcher’s enduring legacy and most heinous sin | Letters
Letters: David Redshaw is staggered by Keir Starmer’s admiration for her, Brian Hughes says her government created the illusion of an economic miracle, while Charles EL Gilman disputes her total hostility to the EU

21, Apr, 2024 @5:25 PM

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Reports of Sunak’s foul mood in No 10 echo the final days of other dying administrations
Stories have emerged of a foul mood in Downing Street; it was ever thus behind the scenes in a dying administration

Patrick Wintour

13, Apr, 2024 @9:00 AM

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Margaret Thatcher set Britain’s decline in motion – so why can’t politics exorcise her ghost? | Andy Beckett
MPs on all sides pay homage, while her failures are forgotten, says Guardian columnist Andy Beckett

Andy Beckett

12, Apr, 2024 @7:00 AM

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Another ill effect of the right to buy: more burglaries in social housing | Letter
Letter: As affluent families bought in after 1980, criminals targeted less secure tenanted properties, writes Stephen Farrall

10, Apr, 2024 @4:58 PM

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Right to buy is an abuse of public funds for political ends | Letters
Letters: The idea to sell off council houses was Tory bribery, writes Michael Meadowcroft, while Toby Wood laments the decline in state control over housing, and Dr Orest Mulka says Labour should offer private tenants the right to buy

27, Mar, 2024 @6:35 PM

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Councils now sell off more houses than they build. Thatcher’s legacy, right to buy, is a failure
The repercussions today are more homelessness, spiralling rents and bankrupt councils, says writer Phineas Harper

Phineas Harper

26, Mar, 2024 @7:00 AM

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UK politics: Jeremy Hunt hints at October election – as it happened
Chancellor says date would allow a spending review to be carried out in time for next April

Andrew Sparrow

19, Mar, 2024 @6:31 PM

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Forty years on from the miners’ strike, unions are flexing their muscles | Larry Elliott
While numbers may not have fully recovered the climate is now in very much in trade unions’ favour

Larry Elliott

25, Feb, 2024 @10:50 AM

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