London mayoral election 2012

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London mayoral election: how to make the most of your second vote
In 2012 over 2 million Londoners cast a valid first-preference vote for the city’s mayor. In the second round, just 82,800 votes - representing 3.8% of the electorate - were registered for the winner, Boris Johnson. Where do all the second votes go, and how can you make the most of yours?

Will Franklin and Sean Clarke

04, May, 2016 @12:13 PM

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Lynton Crosby: the man who really won the election for the Tories
There were several critics from within the Conservative party of how the secretive Australian was masterminding their campaign. Not any more

Andy Beckett

08, May, 2015 @2:54 PM

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The Guardian view on elected mayors | editorial
Editorial: The settled view of the political elite is that if elected mayors can provide the spark for London, why not for the rest of the country?


10, Aug, 2014 @6:30 PM

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Boris Johnson is likely to stand again as London mayor – and he'll win | Sonia Purnell
Sonia Purnell: Labour candidates are jostling for position in London, but if Johnson stays they haven't a hope

Sonia Purnell

23, Dec, 2013 @6:30 PM

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Voters were right to boot Labour out in 2010, says Ed Miliband ally
Shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan admits his party made mistakes regarding Iraq, immigration and bank regulation

Rowena Mason, political correspondent

13, Dec, 2013 @7:46 PM

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Labour's mayoral pretender line-up

What policies might Labour's possible candidates to succeed Boris Johnson at City Hall have to offer?

Dave Hill

25, Nov, 2013 @9:30 AM

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Lynton Crosby is at the centre of controversy (again) | Sonia Purnell
Sonia Purnell: The miracle man from Australia has divided Tories, now his work as a lobbyist calls his strategy role into question

Sonia Purnell

09, Jun, 2013 @6:05 PM

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Boris Johnson: the Tories' prince over the water | Stephen Pollard
Stephen Pollard: A political heavyweight with mass appeal, for many Tories Boris Johnson is the holy grail of Conservatism

Stephen Pollard

09, Aug, 2012 @7:45 PM

Why judge dismissed libel action against Boris Johnson

Bob Crow's claim for defamation damages fails

Roy Greenslade

17, Jul, 2012 @12:28 PM

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London mayoral rivals use loophole to conceal donors' identities
Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone campaigns criticised for listing spending as courtesy of their parties

Hélène Mulholland

16, Jul, 2012 @6:36 PM

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Lycamobile is Tories' top corporate donor - but pays no corporation tax
Lycamobile has given Conservatives more than £300,000 in last nine months, but has paid no coporation tax for three years

Rajeev Syal and Solomon Hughes

04, Jun, 2012 @4:08 PM

Hideously diverse Britain: I know better. But we all make mistakes
What is there to learn from inadvertent stereotyping during coverage of the London mayoral campaign?

Hugh Muir

13, May, 2012 @7:31 PM

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