Julie Kirkbride

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Watch out for the lioness, especially once you've sacked her partner
David Cameron's decision to dismiss Robert Syms proved the theory that hell hath no fury like a politician's partner scorned

Simon Hoggart

11, Oct, 2013 @7:21 PM

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Husband-and-wife MPs Andrew MacKay and Julie Kirkbride ordered to repay £60,000
Andrew MacKay and Julie Kirkbride told to pay back £60,436 in expenses after it emerged that they owned two properties, with each claiming one as their second home

Hélène Mulholland

04, Feb, 2010 @3:18 PM

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Julie Kirkbride: Under-fire Tory MP rethinking decision to resign
Member for Bromsgrove considers standing for parliament despite telling voters she was leaving in the wake of expenses controversy

Andrew Sparrow

06, Nov, 2009 @10:10 PM

MPs' expenses: what the latest information reveals about key figures
What we already knew, what action has been taken and what today's official release of expenses reveals

Nicholas Watt, Matthew Taylor, Karen McVeigh, Alexandra Topping, Haroon Siddique and James Sturcke

18, Jun, 2009 @3:07 PM

Peter Preston: The future is a complex web

Peter Preston: Start with a word that newspapers shun: complexity

Peter Preston

30, May, 2009 @11:01 PM

MPs' expenses: how Julie Kirkbride and Andrew MacKay fell from grace
Next year will bring a hunt for new jobs for the husband and wife who lost trust of their constituents

Robert Booth

29, May, 2009 @8:26 PM

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MPs' expenses: Julie Kirkbride and Margaret Moran to quit at next election
MPs locked in battles with constituents over expenses announce intentions to step down

Allegra Stratton, political correspondent

29, May, 2009 @12:38 AM

MPs' expenses: fury of constituents forces Julie Kirkbride to stand down
Victory for thousands of critics who signed petition after Tory MP's failure to convince voters with explanations of expenses

Robert Booth

28, May, 2009 @9:17 PM

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Julie Kirkbride and Margaret Moran to quit over expenses
Tory MP for Bromsgrove and Labour MP for Luton South become latest casualties in ongoing expenses furore

Hélène Mulholland

28, May, 2009 @4:32 PM

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Julie Kirkbride campaign: 'We're pleased she's gone'

Louise Marnell, chair of the 'Julie Must Go' campaign, says she is glad that the Conservative MP for Bromsgrove has announced she will not stand for re-election

Jim Falzarano

28, May, 2009 @2:21 PM

The Kirkbride defence falls | Jackie Ashley
Jackie Ashley: The failure of the Bromsgrove MP to justify her expenses by the demands of being a mum should not deter women from politics

Jackie Ashley

28, May, 2009 @1:52 PM

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Bromsgrove's voters on Julie Kirkbride: 'She makes the Hamiltons look like saints'
Many voters in Julie Kirkbride's constituency of Bromsgrove welcome her exit while her supporters keep a low profile

Robert Booth

28, May, 2009 @1:47 PM

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