John Reid

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Minister said ‘elements’ in UK security services hostile to NI peace process
Notes from 2002 record John Reid saying there was a potential ‘coalition’ trying to frustrate peace process in Northern Ireland

Ben Quinn and Caroline Davies

30, Dec, 2022 @6:01 AM

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Cruel, paranoid, failing: inside the Home Office
The long read: Something is badly wrong at the heart of one of Britain’s most important ministries. How did it become so broken?

Daniel Trilling

13, May, 2021 @5:00 AM

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Humble and obedient? How ministers defied etiquette in replies to Charles
Convention dictates that letters to the Prince of Wales have a specific fawning signoff – but Tony Blair signed his ‘Yours ever’ and his cabinet colleagues were similar seditious

Mark Tran

13, May, 2015 @5:56 PM

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Political zombies pick over election bones on Lawn of the Dead
David Mellor appears in Gucci loafers, while Grant Shapps and Boris Johnson’s dad perform a double act for the post-poll media circus

Marina Hyde

08, May, 2015 @5:53 PM

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Scottish independence yes campaign attacked by John Reid as race tightens
Former Labour minister accuses yes campaign of 'fantasies and wishful thinking' as polls show two sides almost neck and neck

Libby Brooks

15, Jun, 2014 @12:37 PM

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Labour brings in 'big beasts' to beef up Better Together campaign in Scotland
John Reid and Jim Murphy in move to target male working class voters after complaints about party's slow response

Severin Carrell, Scotland correspondent

13, May, 2014 @10:03 PM

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Labour demands 'go home' text costs
Party dismisses anti-illegal immigration text scheme as gimmick despite it having been started in 2007 by Labour home secretary

Patrick Wintour

18, Oct, 2013 @7:48 PM

Why the journalistic elite is failing to hold power to account

Roy Greenslade laments the sordid trade between politicians and the media

Roy Greenslade

20, Sep, 2013 @4:45 PM

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Damian McBride: the ministers I smeared

Gordon Brown's former spin doctor reveals he targeted John Reid, Charles Clarke, Ivan Lewis and Douglas Alexander

Peter Walker

20, Sep, 2013 @9:13 AM

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Steve Bell's If ... on Cameron's holiday Cobra tactics

Steve Bell's If ...

Steve Bell

30, May, 2013 @7:00 AM

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Labour's Lord Reid says party needs to offer solutions, not just protest
Former home secretary disagrees that polticial centre has drifted left and echoes Tony Blair comments about Miliband's direction

Andrew Sparrow, political correspondent

14, Apr, 2013 @4:27 PM

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UCL thinktank backed by arms firm raises concern

Institute for Security and Resilience Studies is supported by Ultra Electronics, which is involved in drone technology

Ben Quinn

25, Dec, 2012 @2:11 PM

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