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Role call: the former ministers who found private sector jobs
The Greensill affair shows how some of David Cameron’s appointees have been among the most enthusiastic corporate jobseekers. Here’s the list...

Rob Davies and Georgina Quach

16, Apr, 2021 @3:15 PM

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Covid generation: UK youth unemployment 'set to triple to 80s levels'
Resolution Foundation report warns young people could be lost to long periods out of work

Richard Partington Economics correspondent

07, Oct, 2020 @9:30 PM

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Lord Willetts accused of pitching 'young against old' in book
Second edition of The Pinch accused of blaming baby boomers rather than government policies for inequalities

Amelia Hill

05, Nov, 2019 @8:45 AM

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University fees cut would hurt mobility and aid rich, PM told
Justine Greening, David Willetts and Jo Johnson warn against reducing top £9,250 course costs

Michael Savage Policy editor

05, Jan, 2019 @5:38 PM

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Radical ideas for rebalancing Britain's baby boomers and millennials
Proposals from the Resolution Foundation, including a £10,000 citizen’s inheritance, are bold – but will politicians heed outside advice?

Anne Perkins

07, May, 2018 @11:01 PM

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The Guardian view on generational inequality: it’s time for a new deal | Editorial
Editorial: Housing and health are at the centre of a much-needed holistic approach to a fresh trade-off between young, middle-aged and older Britons


07, May, 2018 @11:01 PM

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David Willetts’ generational moan is a bit rich | Brief letters
Brief letters: Generational injustice | Michele Hanson | Memory | Tabloid format | Meghan Markle


06, Mar, 2018 @5:26 PM

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Are we really going to let the super-rich take all the art? | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett
Rhiannon Lucy Cossett: A London art adviser has been bulk-buying Picassos. The 0.01% are welcome to their tacky yachts, but not humanity’s masterpieces. Plus: Does David Willetts practise what he preaches?

Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

05, Mar, 2018 @4:50 PM

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Target wealthy baby boomers, says Tory peer
Lord Willetts pushes measures to prevent a 15p rise in income tax being imposed on the younger generation

Anushka Asthana Political editor

05, Mar, 2018 @12:01 AM

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Has the time come for a wealth tax in the UK? | Richard Partington
Taxing the rich will address inequality and secure the welfare state’s future. It’s a Tory peer’s call, and he’s right

Richard Partington

04, Mar, 2018 @12:45 PM

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MPs severely criticise DWP for withholding information on 'very bad' universal credit - Politics live
Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen

Andrew Sparrow

16, Oct, 2017 @4:37 PM

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The Guardian view on A-levels: another misdirected reform | Editorial
Editorial: Michael Gove wanted to make exams more rigorous. He should have concentrated on widening opportunity for all school leavers


17, Aug, 2017 @6:54 PM

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