Buckingham constituency

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Tory MPs back plan to give people a vote on new housing in their areas
Steve Baker and Greg Smith believe local decision-making will encourage public to see benefits of development

Robert Booth Social affairs correspondent

24, Oct, 2021 @9:00 PM

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John Bercow: I've changed my mind - grammar schools must go
The former Speaker and MP for selective Buckingham was an ardent defender - until his own children went to school and he drilled down into the stats

John Bercow

28, Nov, 2020 @8:00 AM

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The Soulbury stone never loses – and now the council knows it
Parish chiefs threatening to move Buckinghamshire’s most famous traffic obstruction have given in to locals threatening to chain themselves to their revered ancient glacial erractic – but what next for this mysterious little boulder?

Esther Addley

02, Apr, 2016 @8:00 AM

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Pinewood Studios expansion plan blocked by local council

Lord Grade loses planning permission bid for Hollywood-style development on 100 acres of green belt

Mark Sweney

15, May, 2013 @8:07 PM

Bercow or bust? | Ian Mayes

Ian Mayes: Being stuck in the Speaker's constituency means that Labour or Liberal Democrat voters have no real choice at all

Ian Mayes

17, Apr, 2010 @11:00 AM

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Speaker John Bercow's wife to stand for Labour
Sally Bercow, whose husband is the former Conservative MP for Buckingham, to contest Tory-controlled Westminster ward

Hélène Mulholland

12, Nov, 2009 @12:27 PM

Nigel Farage is the obvious choice to restore 'Order! Order!' | Simon Hattenstone
Simon Hattenstone: Who better to oust Commons speaker John Bercow from his Buckingham seat than Ukip's celebrated motor-mouth?

Simon Hattenstone

05, Sep, 2009 @9:00 AM

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