Michael Foot

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How the light gets in on the darkest days | Brief letters
Brief letters: Leonard Cohen’s Anthem | Champagne socialists | Betting on high blood pressure | Relatives at Wimbledon | Country diary’s play on words

03, Jul, 2022 @4:28 PM

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Blair & Brown: The New Labour Revolution review – the ruthless rise of No 10’s odd couple
One was a plucky rock’n’roller, the other a lover of social justice. Together, they led Labour to a landslide victory in 1997, as a cast of veteran insiders recall in rose-tinted fashion

Stuart Jeffries

04, Oct, 2021 @9:00 PM

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Llew Smith obituary
Labour MP in the Welsh radical tradition with a clear view of the causes important to his constituents

Julia Langdon

22, Jun, 2021 @7:07 PM

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If you must compare Corbyn to a past Labour leader, it isn’t Michael Foot | Owen Hatherley
The party should look at the parallels with Neil Kinnock’s second defeat, and learn from them, says author and journalist Owen Hatherley

Owen Hatherley

27, Dec, 2019 @10:00 AM

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This defeat leaves Labour support unrecognisable from 35 years ago | Lewis Baston
The party has lost poor urban areas and gained affluent remainer enclaves, says the political analyst Lewis Baston

Lewis Baston

13, Dec, 2019 @10:14 AM

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Gerald Isaaman obituary
Other lives: One of the last local newspaper editors who lived and breathed his “patch’

Phil Sommerich

26, May, 2019 @4:01 PM

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Labour figures slam claim that Michael Foot was paid by Soviets
Jeremy Corbyn, Neil Kinnock and John McDonnell condemn re-emergence of claim eight years after ex-Labour leader’s death

Michael Savage Observer policy editor

15, Sep, 2018 @2:23 PM

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Letter: Ian Aitken obituary
Giles Oakely writes: The first time I met Ian Aitken (obituary, 23 February), in 1995, it was obvious how much affection and admiration he had for Michael Foot

Giles Oakley

25, Feb, 2018 @4:04 PM

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The lunchtime I spent with Michael Foot at Dylan Thomas's house
It’s April 1997, west Wales, and a well-read old man with a shock of white hair wants to tell Steve Dubé about a dear old friend

Steve Dubé

10, Sep, 2017 @5:00 AM

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That supposedly ‘suicidal’ 1983 Labour manifesto | Letter
Letter: Tim Barnes says it wasn’t Michael Foot’s policies that caused his election defeat


15, Jun, 2017 @6:30 PM

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Will Theresa May really kill Labour off in this election? | Alan Travis
The polls show historic defeat could be on the cards for Corbyn, but how historic? The Sun predicted a grisly end for the party

Alan Travis Home affairs editor

19, Apr, 2017 @4:27 PM

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Letters: Tribune was well to the left of those trying to revive it today
Role of the trade unions was key to its support of democratic socialism

08, Apr, 2017 @11:05 PM

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