David Cameron and Nick Clegg speak about coalition talks

The Conservative leader says it is 'decision time' for the Liberal Democrats as discussions run into their fifth day. Clegg's party is also pursuing talks with Labour

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David Cameron hugs Nick Clegg close | Simon Jenkins
Simon Jenkins: David Cameron's 'comprehensive offer' of coalition partnership to Nick Clegg may prove irresistible. But I predict it'll end in tears

Simon Jenkins

07, May, 2010 @2:33 PM

Coalition talks: Nick Clegg pledges decision 'as soon as possible'

Liberal Democrat leader makes a statement outside his home in Putney, promising to reach a decision on power-sharing negotiations as quickly as possible

10, May, 2010 @9:52 AM

David Cameron and Nick Clegg lead coalition into power
Tory–Lib Dem coalition takes power after Labour talks fail, leaving David Cameron to become PM after five days of negotiation

Patrick Wintour, political editor

12, May, 2010 @12:40 AM

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Steve Bell: Nick Clegg gets an invitation to dance in the dark with Labour

Steve Bell on Gordon Brown, the Liberal Democrats and coalition talks

Steve Bell

10, May, 2010 @11:07 PM

The coalition government: Sweetening the pill | Editorial

Editorial: A coalition is a better alternative for Britain – and for liberals – than a Conservative minority government


11, May, 2010 @9:28 PM

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Shirley Williams warns Clegg against coalition with Conservatives
Liberal Democrat peer becomes first senior party member to publicly register disapproval of any deal with David Cameron

Allegra Stratton, political correspondent

09, May, 2010 @3:06 PM

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Liberal Democrat grassroots sounds unease over Conservative coalition
Left-leaning activists threaten to leave party as fears remain over voter backlash despite 'good' concessions from Tories

Matthew Taylor and Matt Weaver

12, May, 2010 @3:56 PM

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The Tory-Lib Dem coalition: a new dawn? | Open thread

Open thread: We woke up this morning to a new government and the first Conservative prime minister for 13 years. How was it for you?

Open thread

12, May, 2010 @8:50 AM

Nick Clegg says that all parties are working flat-out on coalition talks

The Liberal Democrat leader discusses resuming coalition talks with the Conservatives today

Tim Maby

10, May, 2010 @9:55 AM

Video: Cameron and Clegg give their first joint press conference

New prime minister David Cameron heralds a 'new politics' with deputy prime minister Nick Clegg by his side and eats humble pie

12, May, 2010 @1:25 PM