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Re your editorial (The Guardian view on disability and living costs: ministers must close the gap, 6 January), don’t worry about disabled people – we all got a letter from the DWP saying we were getting a whole £10 Christmas bonus. It also explained that we’d be sanctioned if we were paid it twice and didn’t report the discrepancy, just in case anyone’s worried that we’re gaming the system.
Karen Abbott
Macclesfield, Cheshire

• Having sat through the horrifying, riveting and ultimately educational Ken Burns documentary The US and the Holocaust on BBC Four (TV review, 10 January), I am now firmly of the opinion that Rishi Sunak has it all wrong. It is not maths that should be compulsory until age 18, it is history.
Alison Fowles
Knowl Hill, Berkshire

• It appears that the postal system is helping to keep NHS demand low. On 10 January, I received a letter about my cataract operation, posted by the hospital on 15 December. The date of the op was 10 January.
Paresh Motla
Thame, Oxfordshire

• Airbrushing Boris Johnson out of a photo is easy (Spot the difference: Boris Johnson appears scrubbed from photo posted by Shapps, 10 January), but how do people get him and his actions out of their memories?
Dennis Fitzgerald
Melbourne, Australia

• Look carefully at the doctored photograph and you can see that Boris Johnson still got his elbow in.
Mark Knight
Sevenoaks, Kent

• Some years ago, Chardonnay was in vogue as a baby’s name (Pass notes, 11 January). My hairdresser at the time told me her friend had named her baby girl Tia Maria. She had no idea what it meant.
Linda Lee
Swarkestone, Derbyshire

• MPs looking into Partygate have been meeting “in a dusty parliamentary committee room” (What is at stake for Boris Johnson in Partygate inquiry?, 11 January). Can the government not afford cleaners?
Rory Murphy

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