Troubled by Truss’s talent-free top team | Brief letters

Cabinet concerns | Dilyn the dog | Motorway services | Heated knickers | German companions

So, according to Liz Truss’s press secretary, her new cabinet represents “the depth and breadth of talent” in the Conservative party (Politics live, 7 September). Isn’t that the problem?
James Wilkinson
Ford, Shropshire

• As Dilyn the dog is now surplus to PR requirements, we’d like to offer him a berth on our boat. Apart from giving him a break from the worst prime minister since the last one, it would also give my wife and me a small dog each to cuddle when we attempt to keep warm this winter.
Ian Grieve
Gordon Bennett, Shropshire Union canal

• I understand Adrian Chiles’s delight at the quality of service stations in mainland Europe (After three weeks travelling in Europe, I’m calling it – British food is the best, 7 September). He might like to visit Tebay services on the M6, where he will find excellent fresh food and a farm shop selling local produce.
Stephen Hawkin

• I am concerned that investing in battery-powered heated knickers (Letters, 7 September) will make putting them on while standing up even more problematic.
Helen Keats
Kingston, Isle of Wight

• Re describing unmarried partners, as so often happens, German has a neat way of dealing with this (Letters, 8 September). Lebensgefährte and Lebensgefährtin mean “life companion”.
Julie Scattergood
Kendal, Cumbria

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