Top Tories may change – but the ideas stay the same | Brief letters

Diversity in Truss’s cabinet | Great British food | Screen time at the zoo | Family name calling

You argue that it would be churlish not to credit advances in diverse representation in the Tory cabinet (Editorial, 7 September). But is there any real advance if the views being espoused by its new members are still remarkably similar to the white men they have replaced, and in some cases actually denying the experience of other people of colour?
Judy Stober
Bruton, Somerset

• Sorry, Adrian Chiles, but British food is definitely the worst in Europe (After three weeks travelling in Europe, I’m calling it – British food is the best, 7 September). Having a large variety of restaurants offering foreign cuisine is a completely different matter. What they are offering obviously has nothing to do with “British food”.
Uwe Finke
Yangon, Myanmar

• A farewell piece about Bristol Zoo and not a mention of Johnny Morris and Animal Magic (‘It’s a sad day’: Bristol zoo welcomes last visitors before closing, 3 September)? This wonderful TV series, filmed at the zoo, gave a generation of children pleasure from 1962 to 1983.
Pete Lavender

• When I lived in South Yorkshire in the 1970s, my neighbours referred to an unmarried partner as a “lie-by”, if that is useful for Alison Norris (Letters, 6 September)?
Liz Thompson

• My (now) sister-in-law called me her “sister out-law” (Letters, 7 September), which I graduated to after being known as “Colin’s er … um”.
Gillian Bassett
Great Barford, Bedfordshire

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