Whose turn next for the Conservative party leadership? | Brief letters

Taking turns as PM | A holiday hat-trick | Back to the beach | No time to redecorate | Cincinnatus’s return to work

My daughter tried to explain the Conservative party leadership election to her six-year-old son on Monday morning. She then said she herself wished for a general election. He thought about it for a moment and then said: “But before there’s a general election do all the Conservatives have to have a turn at being the leader?” Out of the mouths of babes…
Stella Acton

• The day we left the UK to come to France in July, the prime minister resigned. On Thursday we left the UK to come to France again. Another prime minister resigned. Is there anyone prepared to pay the travel costs for our next trip in the hope of a hat-trick?
Ted Pawley
Dordogne, France

• Should Uxbridge and South Ruislip voters describe their MP as an “idler” (as described by Liz Truss) or a “shirker” (George Osborne) for languishing on a beach in recent weeks rather than put in the time at his place of work?
Frances Sweetman
Hampton on the Hill, Warwickshire

• At least Liz Truss wasn’t in Downing Street long enough to replace the wallpaper at £840 a roll.
Ian Ferguson
Thornton Dale, North Yorkshire

• So Rishi Sunak’s priority is “fixing the economy” (Report, 23 October). Yes, but in whose favour?
Pete Lavender
Woodthorpe, Nottinghamshire

• Will Cincinnatus be returning again to his plough?
Aidan Roddy
Dublin, Ireland

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