Boris Johnson as the comeback king of the world? I despair | Brief letters

Ex-PM’s advocates | No 10 podium problems | The nomination game | Political football | Proud ‘wokerati’ | Sleeping on the job

What contempt for their constituents and the wider British public certain Tory MPs must have. These advocates for the return of Boris Johnson apparently think all we deserve as the holder of the highest office in the land – from which he has already had to resign – is a self-serving narcissist who has barely a nodding acquaintance with either the truth or public service. How do these people sleep at night?
Mary Munford

• Liz Truss’s No 10 press briefing podium seems to symbolise the state of her party. A twisted column of wooden elements spiralling down toward a pale base on very shaky ground. Needs more labour?
Bob Corkey
Castlegregory, County Kerry, Ireland

• What happens if none of the infighting Tory wannabes secures the required 100 nominations by Monday? Another U-turn?
Phil Murray
Linlithgow, West Lothian

• Perhaps Steven Gerrard could run the country and Liz Truss could manage Aston Villa.
Peter Russell
Tunbridge Wells, Kent

• Please can we have a “Guardian-reading, tofu-eating, wokerati” badge/mug/T-shirt?
Juliette Stephenson

• Better to be woke than asleep at the wheel.
Jacqueline Barry
St-Lanne, France

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