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You report that Nadine Dorries is writing a book with the working title The Political Assassination of Boris Johnson (Nadine Dorries to write book about Boris Johnson’s ‘dramatic downfall’, 16 November). No doubt the title of the book will be changed in due course to something more appropriate. I suggest The Lies Have It.
Mike Pender

• What a stroke of luck that I happened to have both shiso leaves and Haku Japanese vodka lurking in my kitchen store-cupboard and thus could enjoy Josh Parrales’ wasabi mule drink (Cocktail of the week, 18 November). You really are spoiling us.
Dr Iain Ferris
Pembrey, Carmarthenshire

• Brian Cox and Brian Cox could avoid Brian-freeze and hotel receptionist Cox-ups (‘I don’t watch television’: how two Brian Coxes stumped one hotel receptionist, 18 November), if they’d use our well-tried Irish dual name software: Brian Óg Cox (the young fella) and Brian Cox (the ould fella). Sorted.
Bob Corkey
Castlegregory, County Kerry, Ireland

• It’s no great surprise that Keir Starmer has kissed a Tory (‘I’ve kissed a Tory and I’m not ashamed’ Keir Starmer reveals, 18 November). The more interesting question is has he ever kissed a socialist?
Alan Gray

• What a delightful picture of a methane-emitting lamb in Friday’s paper (Peta launches $1m competition to find vegan wool alternative, 17 November). Is it one of Bio Peep’s?
Fr Alec Mitchell
Holyhead, Anglesey

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