The Boer war offers Boris Johnson a lesson in freedom | Brief letters

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Boris Johnson compared Ukraine’s struggle to Brexit (Please don’t compare Ukraine to Brexit, Petro Poroshenko asks Boris Johnson, 23 March). A better comparison is with the Boer war, where (in this case two) smaller countries fought for their independence, which the mighty Albion did not grant them. All of Europe was in favour of the Boers, but nobody dared to go to war against the English.
Ton Karelse
Emmerich am Rhein, Germany

• Could all of the Premier League teams change their away kit for the rest of the season to a yellow and blue strip, such as the one Arsenal wore to win the FA Cup in 1971, thereby showing their support and that of their millions of fans in the UK and worldwide for the people of Ukraine.
Andy Stuart
Rye, East Sussex

• This is what Polly Toynbee does best (Spend a day with me in the eviction court, Mr Sunak, and you’ll understand the ‘cost of living’, 22 March). Doing the research, meeting the people, going to places not in the news. What an excellent direct appeal to the chancellor. Please keep telling these truths.
Caroline Bond

• The first and obvious step to tackle gambling addiction (Gambling addiction could be nine times higher than industry claims, 23 March) is to stop the deluge of gambling adverts on TV and radio. These are broadcast at all hours every day. Please, somebody get this insanity stopped.
John Buglass
Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria

• So Adrian Chiles picked up Covid in Swansea (My daughter says it’s uncool to get Covid now. So, naturally, I got the dreaded second red line, 24 March). Did he by any chance pass through Felindre? Because I’ve got it too.
Rev Dr Peter Phillips
Felindre, Swansea

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