Is the Conservative party the Woolworths of politics? | Brief letters

The NHS and Blockbuster | Bus stop benches | Heather Wheeler’s insults | New York’s crystal energy | Venison food strategy | Boris Johnson’s brass neck

If the NHS is like the defunct video rental chain Blockbuster, as the health secretary suggests (NHS ‘doesn’t need any more money’, says Sajid Javid as waiting lists rise, 11 June) then what is the Tory party reminiscent of? Woolworths, perhaps?
Dr Michael Symonds
Sutton Bonington, Nottinghamshire

• Val Seddon writes about the need for bus shelters at bus stops, to stop us getting soaked (Letters, 8 June). The other thing we need is a proper bench – not a plastic ledge to perch on. A bench at every bus stop would transform public transport.
Shayne Mary Mitchell

• I was born in Birmingham, my wife in Blackpool. We were disappointed that Heather Wheeler did not slag off Hull too so that we could claim a full set (Tory MP apologises for calling Birmingham and Blackpool ‘godawful’, 10 June).
Dave Hanson

• It took your contributor 800 words to answer the question “The mayor thinks New York gets ‘special energy’ from crystals. Is he right?” (9 June). Three would do: “Is he bollocks”.
David Marcer
Maisemore, Gloucestershire

• Let them eat venison? Is Boris Johnson having a Marie Antoinette moment (‘Worse than half-baked’: Johnson’s food strategy fails to tackle cost or climate, 10 June)?
Bridget Marrow
Pinner, London

• Boris Johnson describes the proposed RMT strikes as “reckless and wanton” (Rail strikes stance reflects Starmer’s more cautious approach to unions, 8 June). That’s some brass neck.
Dave Hepworth
Rowland, Derbyshire

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