Give Keir Starmer a chance to build an ABC coalition | Letter

Joseph Walker on the prospects for Labour after Thursday’s elections, the first in which he has campaigned at the age of 14

I am 14 years old, and this was the first election I have campaigned in. I am delighted that Dan Norris was elected West of England mayor (Labour’s victories show importance of localism and positive vision, 8 May), a gain for Labour on a day when the party mostly did not do well (Keir Starmer concedes Labour has lost the trust of working people, 7 May).

But let’s not forget that the Conservative party is riding high on the success of the vaccination programme. Looking at the results, it seems to me that voting in the next general election has to be simple – ABC: Anything But Conservative.

The Green party and the Lib Dems did well, with both having the environment, a great concern to many people, high on their agenda.

I have enjoyed watching Keir Starmer challenge Boris Johnson at prime minister’s questions, but due to the pandemic, he hasn’t had a proper chance to offer the electorate an alternative vision for a fairer, more caring society for all of us.

I think that he now needs to hold out the hand of friendship and partnership to all the other parties and form an ABC coalition.
Joseph Walker

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