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Flags and virtue signalling | Berk or burk | Yellow submarine | Peaceful protest

Ruth Pickles wonders whether the number of union flags behind a politician is inversely proportional to their level of competence (Letters, 21 March). Probably, but I also consider this form of rightwing virtue signalling to be most prevalent among politicians who treat many British people with contempt and cruelty.
Pete Dorey
Bath, Somerset

• From an early age, my father, a second world war veteran and dyed-in-the-wool Daily Telegraph reader, instilled in me the principle that displaying the union flag should be reserved for formal or ceremonial purposes, and that anyone whose proof of patriotism or self-esteem depended on ostentatious resort to the same was probably “up to some funny business”. How right he was.
Paul Roper
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

• While he may have been a great writer, Douglas Adams had obviously not done his homework on the derogatory term “berk”, which he spells “burk” (Douglas Adams’ note to self reveals author found writing torture, 22 March). The insult is derived from the cockney rhyming slang term “Berkshire hunt”, which readers may care to look up after the 9pm watershed.
Colin Burke
Cartmel, Cumbria

• Re the walrus seen off the Pembrokeshire coast (RSPCA checks on Arctic walrus spotted off south Wales coast, 21 March), has a yellow submarine been sighted in the area?
Howard Apps
High Peak, Derbyshire

• Doug Simpson asks (Letters, 19 March) how is electoral reform possible with the current Conservative dominance. Well, I suggest we take to the streets and protest peacefully, as is our right … Doh!
Dominic Faulkner
Beaminster, Dorset


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