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How can the EU better market its strengths? Each year throughout Europe we might celebrate four of the 28 national days as holidays, creating a rolling tableau to encounter historic diversity. It’s personally painful to watch Boris Johnson malign Europe as enemy territory; I’m a non-British graduate of Oxford University. Adopting this Lambert proposal for EU holiday legislation will widely accentuate a pleasure enjoyed by our rulers: European leisure is a treasure.
Dr Bruce Henry Lambert
Stockholm, Sweden

• The announcement of a tsar to deal with antisemitism indicates that a government led by Boris Johnson has a truly breathtaking ignorance of Russian history (Senior Labour MP quits party to become antisemitism tsar,, 7 September). Cossacks in Cable Street?
Prof Hilary Rose

• To regret the “emasculation of trade unions” (Briefing: How inequality is growing worldwide, Journal, 9 September) comes perilously close to suggesting that they should never have allowed female members in. Words matter.
Sylvia Rose
Morleigh, Devon

• The translators excelled themselves in Asterix the Gladiator, which featured two Roman soldiers named Sendervictorius and Appianglorious (Letters, 7 September).
Peter Lowthian
Marlow, Buckinghamshire

• I was recently in a coffee shop when I heard the barista shout: “Cappuccino for Spartacus” (Letters, 9 September). Sadly, only one person stood up, but it made my day.
Margaret Clarke
Clarendon, Victoria, Australia

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