Jacob Rees-Mogg’s nanny would not approve | Letters

Readers respond to a picture of the leader of the house lounging in the Commons

Jacob Rees-Mogg said in the Commons that the approach taken by a majority of the House to block a no-deal Brexit is “the most unconstitutional use of this house since the days of Charles Stewart Parnell when he tried to bung up parliament” (Politics live, 3 September). No doubt he was trying to imply that the Irish are always troublesome and that insistence on the backstop is in a tradition of Irish obstruction of British politics. But he should remember that if it were not for Daniel O’Connell he would be ineligible to take his seat in the House of Commons by virtue of his religion.
Felix Larkin
Dublin, Ireland

• The sight of Jacob Rees-Mogg reclining on the leather seats of the House of Commons while the catastrophe of Brexit plays out around him is a repulsive one (MPs berate lounging Rees-Mogg, 4 September). Let’s hope it marks not only the beginning of the end of his political career but also the beginning of the end of the production line of smug, entitled politicians who have been propping up the Tory party for generations.
Andrew Colley
Little Bradley, Suffolk

• Your photo of Jacob Rees-Mogg clearly shows how prescient your cartoonist Ben Jennings was when he depicted Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings lounging in the Commons (Journal, 2 September). Or is Rees-Mogg a covert Guardian reader? In any case, his nanny wouldn’t approve.
Mike Bieber

• Rees-Mogg’s louche slouch is a text-book demonstration of how never having to stand on your own two feet fatally damages the spine.
Christine Butterworth
Penzance, Cornwall

• The posture adopted by the leader of the house during the debate just shows how far casual lying has permeated the heart of this government.
John Stone
Thames Ditton, Surrey

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