‘Lazy’ Liam Fox and knavish tricks at the Last Night of the Proms | Brief letters

Liam Fox’s attack on business bosses | Errant BBC subtitles for Proms finale | Getting a grip on The Archers’ audience | Stanley Holloway’s brahn boots

Is there not a certain irony in Liam Fox’s exhortation to business leaders that “if you want to share in the prosperity of our country you have a duty to contribute to the prosperity of our country” (Trade minister attacks ‘fat and lazy’ British business bosses, 10 September), considering the fact that he demonstrated little restraint in claiming his share of the taxpayer’s prosperity, as revealed during the expenses scandal? Fox claimed 3p of taxpayers’ cash for a car journey of less than 100 metres, which some people might consider to be somewhat lazy.
Ben Horsbrugh
Oldenburg, Germany

• Liam Fox has attracted criticism with his view that “People have got to stop thinking about exporting as an opportunity and start thinking about it as a duty”. Substitute “a career in politics” for “exporting” and I’d say he’s on the nail.
Sarah Gant
Cirfontaines en Azois, France

• There may have been disappointingly few Euro-flags at the Last Night of the Proms (Activists to hand out EU flags at Proms finale, 8 September), but did the BBC subtitler have to add to the Brexit mood by putting up the words of the discarded “frustrate their knavish tricks” verse during the national anthem?
Robin Derbyshire
Billericay, Essex

• At the Last Night of the Proms, while Guantanamera was being sung, the subtitles spelled it Guantánamo. BBC lefties hard at work?
Alec Hayton
Wallingford, Oxfordshire

• “Louiza Patikas’s gritty portrayal of Helen in The Archers has gripped the nation” (How I made Helen a heroine, 10 September). UK population: 65 million. Archers listening figures: 5 million. Come on, get a grip…
Geraint Davies

• Yes, but why didn’t he keep his black boots and give away the brahn ones (Letters, 8 September)?
Claude Scott
Richmond, Surrey

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