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Which country does Martin Kettle (May will have to decide soon which Brexit to take, 22 July) live in? In Bath, and among my friends elsewhere, the sense of despair – and of being robbed by cynical liars – is deeply felt. There may be a shrug of the shoulders by leavers, but there’s massive indignant spirit among remainers. Don’t cause a spark!
Peter Davis
Bath, Somerset

• You say (Corrections and clarifications, 19 July) that a historian making a comparison with the EU referendum was wrong to suggest Humpty Dumpty could be put together again. It may be that the historian in question saw a production that the Nomad Puppet Theatre has put out for over 40 years in Soho, Tooting and now St Ives, which does indeed put Humpty together again by turning back time! Perhaps we could use this device for the EU referendum?
Fred Keys
Farnham Royal, Buckinghamshire

• One can’t help but marvel at the prognostic naming of HMS Ambush, involved in a “glancing” collision with a merchant vessel while submerged off the coast of Gibraltar (Report, 20 July). Not so much for HMS Invincible, sold for scrap in 2010.
Aidan Balfe

• “UK is up for sale” (Letters, 21 July)? At least that offers a choice of soundtrack: Genesis’ Selling England by the Pound or Show of Hands’ Is There Anything Left in England Not For Sale.
Austen Lynch
Garstang, Lancashire

• Given that he is in his sixties, sporting a ZZ Top-style beard might not be the best image for Jeremy Corbyn (Letters, 22 July). Agreed, he has sometimes been guilty of trimming in the past but his beard now demonstrates two very important qualities: resilience and sustainability.
Keith Flett

• I don’t mind beard wax on my sandals, but I don’t want it in my muesli.
Martin Lovell-Pank
Sturminster Newton, Dorset

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