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There are two clear issues at fault in the UK which are the cause of the issues so well identified by Felicity Lawrence (Don’t keep migrants out, strengthen workers’ rights, 1 July). Deal with them and at a stroke UK workers would benefit and so would the public finances. The issues are that in the UK it is easy to work illegally and we do not have ID cards.
Jeff Rooker
House of Lords

• Those opposing Jeremy Corbyn argue that he is eroding Labour support, but the facts reveal the opposite. Labour now has a mayor of London and Bristol and in the two byelections the Labour majority increased; indeed in Sadiq Khan’s old seat the majority trebled. The PLP needs to talk to resolve its differences, not constantly start phoney wars.
Malcolm Howard
Banstead, Surrey

• Your editorial (28 June) emphasised the need to plan the exit from the EU. As a country that has an unelected head of state, an unelected House of Lords, a voting system that gave Tony Blair a stonking majority with 40% of the vote and Cameron a workable majority with 35% of the vote; devolution for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but not for England, as well as no written constitution, isn’t it time we started to plan our own modern, fairer political system?
Ken Hughes
Hale Barns, Cheshire

• Why all this talk of a general election? As I understood it, the Fixed-Term Parliament Act only permits an early dissolution if two thirds of MPs vote for it – which means Labour has the numbers to block it. Or are we supposed to believe that Labour MPs want to lose their seats in some sort of mass suicide pact? They’d really show Jeremy Corbyn who’s boss that way. Remind me again just whose vanity/insanity is supposed to be damaging Labour?
Ian MacKillop
Ilminster, Somerset

• Or as we say in our house, “Don’t put all your asks in one Brexit” (Letters, 1 July).
Chris Osborne
West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire


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