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Letters: Isn’t it time to redesignate Boris Johnson as half man, half Brexit?

I am not sure what was worse, David Cameron’s “put on a proper suit, do up your tie and sing the national anthem” comment (The politics sketch, 25 February) or the braying on the Conservative benches that followed. The bankers whose actions brought about the collapse of the financial system had impeccable dress sense. Unfortunately, those who have suffered from the crisis don’t have the money to “put on a proper suit”.
Declan O’Neill

• “No tie – just a defeat for unscripted Dave’s off the cuff remark” suggests that Jeremy Corbyn missed a trick in his response to Cameron’s ill-judged insult. In keeping with the intellectual level of the exchange, Corbyn could have replied: “I don’t like the cut of your jibe.”
Mike Pender

• Nice picture of Dave, sans suit or tie, on pages 6 and 7 today (EU referendum, 25 February).
(Fr) Alec Mitchell

Benin cockerel
Bronze statue of Benin cockerel in Jesus College, Cambridge. Photograph: web

• The student body at my old college want to return to Benin the fine bronze cockerel looted in 1897 (Report, 22 February). But surely they should be demanding the return of the college buildings to the nuns of the Benedictine order from whom they were ruthlessly taken by Bishop Alcock in 1496?
Robert Avery

• In view of Boris Johnson’s recent Damascene conversion to Europhobia (Report, 22 February), isn’t it time to redesignate him as half man, half Brexit?
Charlie Harris

• Just asking, but will the out campaign include the Eurovision song contest?
Bob Hargreaves

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